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How to destroy and collect telescope parts in Fortnite

All nine locations where you can find, destroy, and collect telescope parts, as well as the best route to complete this Fortnite season challenge

A telescope propped up against a building in Fortnite.

Want to know where to collect the telescope parts in Fortnite? It’s not even the scheduled start of the season challenges for week six of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, and there’s already a challenge that you can complete right now. Like the other season challenges, it gives you valuable experience that you can use to unlock Fortnite skins or free Fortnite V-bucks in the battle pass.

After landing in the archipelago towards the east of the map, you’re set a challenge to destroy and collect telescope parts. Unlike challenges where you need to destroy the Fortnite signal jammers or discover the Fortnite device, you can find the telescopes throughout the island. Once you find a telescope, use the harvesting tool to break it down for the parts. You only need to find three telescopes to complete this challenge, but you have to locate them all in the same match.

To help you complete this challenge, here’s a map showing all of the available telescope locations in Fortnite, and details of the most optimal route to finish it quickly.

Fortnite telescope parts locations

Here are all nine Fortnite telescope parts locations:

Orange pins show all of the telescope parts locations on the Fortnite map.

To complete this challenge quickly, you need to:

  • Land on the northern island in the archipelago to start the challenge
  • The first telescope is on the ground floor inside the large building on the northwest corner
  • Head directly south to the next island to find the next telescope outside the building
  • Use the rift on the eastern side of this island before gliding towards Sanctuary to the west
  • Head for the northwest corner of Sanctuary and look outside to find the last telescope

After destroying and collecting three telescope parts, you should complete the challenge. As this is the optimal route, you may find that other players are heading the same way and may disrupt your efforts. If that’s the case, all of the other telescope parts are in the Seven Outposts, which conveniently have some Fortnite rift generators you need to find to complete one of the other season challenges. We have other guides for the latest season, including how to knock down Fortnite timber pines, how sliding works in Fortnite, and everything you need to know about the Fortnite victory crown.