Genshin Impact’s new 3.6 weekly boss is Apep, another giant serpent

The Genshin Impact version 3.6 update will be adding yet another large, flying serpent as a weekly boss, if recent leaks about the anime game are correct.

Genshin Impact's new 3.6 weekly boss is Apep, another giant serpent: anime boy with blonde hair and red eyes

A recent Genshin Impact leak suggests that HoYoverse will be adding another weekly boss to its anime game – a giant serpent named Apep. In the world of Teyvat, Apep is known as a friend of King Deshret, and the parent of the Wenut serpents found all across the Sumeru desert. The lore is undeniably interesting, but if Apep is anything like the existing snake bosses, we should expect an unnecessarily long battle.

All of the current serpent-like bosses – the Golden Wolflord, Ruin Serpent, and recently-added Setekh Wenut – are all able to enter invulnerable states to prolong their respective fights.

They can either fly through the air at inconvenient heights or burrow underground to completely avoid damage. In the case of the Golden Wolflord, a shield needs to be broken with a time-consuming mini-game.

With this track record for inconvenient mechanics, the leader of the serpents will likely be even tougher to deal with. Apep will be the first of the bunch who isn’t a normal world boss, but instead will be available to fight in a weekly trounce domain.

It’s rumoured that Kaveh and Baizhu will need Apep’s boss materials to ascend, so if you’re pulling for either of the new Dendro characters, you’ll be fighting this giant, green serpent.

Genshin Impact's new 3.6 weekly boss is Apep, another giant serpent: anime man with green hair holding a white snake

The leaked information comes from known Genshin leaker, Merlin Impact, who posted an image of the boss on Twitter. It appears that Apep will arrive alongside a new desert map expansion as well, which is probably where you’ll find the domain.

Genshin Impact version 3.5 has just begun, though, so we won’t be seeing Apep, Baizhu, or Kaveh for several more weeks. For now, you can pull for Dehya and Cyno in the version 3.5 first-half banners, or wait for Ayaka and Shenhe in the second half.