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New Genshin Impact event asks you to make medicine for free Primos

Genshin Impact's newest web event lets players make medicine with Baizhu to earn Primogems ahead of his release in the second half of version 3.6.

New Genshin Impact event asks you to make medicine for free Primos: anime man with green hair and glasses

The new Genshin Impact Baizhu web event, Herbal Remedies, will have Genshin Impact players making medicine to obtain Primogems as a reward. It’s a small amount, but you’ll need all the free Primos you can get if you’re looking to pull for Baizhu and Kaveh during the second half of Genshin Impact version 3.6 after their banners go live in the anime game next week.

Herbal Remedies has already begun, and the event will last until May 3. You’ll need to be at least Adventure Rank 10 or higher to participate, and upon completion you’ll be given 40 Primogems along with character ascension materials that’ll come in handy when the Dendro doctor joins the game’s roster.

The event tasks you with creating medicine according to the set prescriptions that Baizhu has written out. Each batch of medicine requires five medicinal ingredients; if you fail to follow the prescription correctly, you’ll be able to do other tasks to get hints for succeeding next time.

After brewing up three different batches of medicine, you’ll be able to claim the event rewards — they’ll show up in your in-game mailbox shortly after you finish.

You can head over to the Herbal Remedies event page to get started on your journey as a doctor’s aide, temporarily taking on some of Qiqi’s duties in Bubu Pharmacy.

New Genshin Impact event asks you to make medicine for free Primos: anime characetrs standing next to each other while creating medicine

Those who are still short on Primogems can also participate in the new A Parade of Providence event that involves several characters from all across Sumeru. It’ll be giving out far more rewards, including talent books and a crown of insight.

The first half of Genshin Impact version 3.6 is still underway and the character banners are offering Nahida and Nilou for a few more days. Baizhu and Kaveh will be arriving early next week, so be sure to either save up or pull quickly to get the roster additions that you’re aiming for.