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Get Genshin Impact’s Faruzan free in 3.6 Parade of Providence event

Genshin Impact's Faruzan will be available as a free reward for those who play through the anime game's upcoming flagship event in the version 3.6 update.

Get Genshin Impact's Faruzan free in 3.6 Parade of Providence event: anime girl with turquoise hair standing in a desert

The upcoming Genshin Impact event, A Parade of Providence, is giving out Faruzan for free to players who participate. She’s a perfect fit if you ever need to buff your Anemo characters, especially if Wanderer is your main DPS. This will be the anime game‘s first flagship event in Sumeru that involves the majority of the nation’s main characters, including Faruzan herself. The event will run from April 27 all the way to May 15, so you’ll have plenty of time to add her to your Genshin Impact roster.

To start the event, you’ll need to be at least Adventure Rank 30 or higher. It’s also recommended that you complete the Inversion of Genesis Archon Quest along with Alhaitham‘s story quest. But you can simply use the quick star feature if you’d rather not finish the prerequisites before participating.

As with most major events in Sumeru, A Parade of Providence will have to do with the nation’s Akademiya. The event will introduce a new gameplay mode every other day, adding a total of six different mini-games that you’ll need to complete to earn Gala Excitement – the equivalent of Festive Fever in Liyue’s Lantern Rite event.

When you have enough Gala Excitement built up from playing the mini-game modes, you’ll be able to add Faruzan to your squad free of charge. If you’re looking to create any sort of Anemo DPS team, she’ll star in her role as an Anemo buffer.

Get Genshin Impact's Faruzan free in 3.6 Parade of Providence event: anime man with blonde hair sitting next to text title

You won’t have to fully complete each and every gameplay mode during the event if your only goal is to obtain Faruzan, but without earning enough Gala Excitement, you’ll likely miss out on Primogems, a crown of insight, level-up materials, talent books, and much more.

Genshin Impact version 3.6 is still offering Nahida and Nilou in its first half, but you’ll soon be able to pull for Baizhu and Kaveh to make new teams alongside your Faruzan squad.