Genshin Impact Kaveh banner and abilities

The Genshin Impact 3.6 update is set to bring two new characters, one of them being four-star Dendro character and Claymore user, Kaveh.

Genshin Impact Kaveh banner

If you’re already looking ahead to the Genshin Impact Kaveh banner release date, you won’t have to wait much longer for the “Renowned Sumeru Architect”, also known as the Light of Kshahrewar.

Kaveh is a four-star Claymore-wielding Dendro character in Genshin Impact and has been officially announced by Hoyoverse. We have confirmation that Kaveh will appear in the second half of the 3.6 update. The second phase of the Genshin Impact banner features both Ganyu and Baizhu as a new Genshin Impact character in one of the best free PC games.

Genshin Impact Kaveh banner release date

The Genshin Impact Kaveh banner release date will be around May 3 on the second phase of the update, three weeks after the Genshin Impact 3.6 update on April 12. As a four-star character, Kaveh is one of the four-star characters that will appear on Ganyu and Baizhu’s banner.

Genshin Impact Kaveh abilities

Genshin Impact Kaveh abilities

His abilities have already been revealed in the latest livestream and it looks like he’ll be a perfect support or sub-DPS character for a Bloom team composition. His abilities utilise Mehrak, Kaveh’s flying robot companion.

Normal attack – Schematic Setup

  • Normal attack: Uses Mehrak to perform up to four consecutive attacks.
  • Charged attack: Drains stamina over time to perform continuous slashes. And the end of the sequence, performs a more powerful slash.
  • Plunging attack: Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground, damaging enemies along the path and dealing AoE damage on impact.

Artistic Ingenuity

Uses Mehrak’s mapping ability for offensive, initiating a radial scan that deals AoE Dendro damage. It scans all Dendro Cores in its AoE and causes them to burst.

Painted Dome

  • Unleashes Mehrak’s energy and creates a cubic scanned space, dealing AoE Dendro damage to all enemies within it. This causes all Dendro Cores in its AoE to burst and grants Kaveh the following combat abilities:
  • Increases Kaveh’s normal, charged, and plunging attack AoE and converts this attack damage to Dendro damage that cannot be overridden.
  • All Dendro Cores created by all your own party members through Bloom reactions will deal additional damage when they burst.
    Increases Kaveh’s resistance to interruption.
  • All of the effects end once Kaveh leaves the field.

Passive Skills

  • The Art of Budgeting: When Kaveh crafts Landscape, Building, and Courtyard-type Furnishings, he has a 100% chance to refund a portion of the materials used.
  • An Architect’s Undertaking: When damage dealt by a Dendro Core (including damage from Burgeon and Hyperbloom) hits Kaveh, Kaveh regains health equal to 300% of his elemental mastery. This effect can be triggered once every 0.5 seconds.
  • A Craftsman’s Curious Conceptions: During Painted Dome, after Kaveh’s normal, charged, or plunging attacks hit enemies, his elemental mastery increases by 25. This effect can be triggered once every 0.1 seconds with a max four stacks. This effect will be cancelled when Painted Dome’s effects end.


  • Sublime Salutations: Within three seconds after using Artistic Ingenuity, Kaveh’s Dendro resistance and incoming healing bonus increases by 50% and 25% respectively.
  • Grace of Royal Roads: Kaveh’s normal attack speed increases by 15% during Painted Dome.
  • Profferings of Dur Untash: Increases the level of Painted Dome by three. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Feast of Apadana: Dendro Cores created from Bloom reactions Kaveh triggers will deal 60% more damage when they burst.
  • Treasures of Bonkhanak: Increases the level of Artistic Ingenuity by three. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Pairidaeza’s Dreams: When Kaveh’s normal, charged, or plunging attacks hit enemies during Painted Dome, it unleashes Pairidaeza’s Light upon the enemy’s position, dealing 61.8% of Kaveh’s attack as AoE Dendro damage and causing all Dendro Cores within that AoE to burst. This effect can be triggered once every three seconds.

That’s everything we have for Genshin Impact Kaveh’s banner release date and abilities, but you can also check out the best Genshin Impact Kaveh build and Kaveh’s ascension materials. It is subject to change until the details are confirmed in the upcoming 3.6 livestream. In the meantime, keep an eye on the latest Genshin Impact codes for free primogems, and see what the current meta is with our Genshin Impact tier list of best and worst characters.