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Genshin Impact leak gives potential preview of Hydro nation Fontaine

This Genshin Impact leak provides a brief look at a few out-of-bounds structures that could be the foundation for the anime RPG's Hydro nation, Fontaine

Genshin Impact leak gives potential preview of Hydro nation Fontaine: anime girl with red hair and blue eyes

This new Genshin Impact leak takes us out of bounds to show off what may be the early stages of the upcoming Hydro nation, Fontaine. HoYoverse is currently sticking to a schedule that introduces one new region per year for their anime game, and Fontaine is next on the list. This footage might give players an idea of what the region could look like.

The leak is only a short, 16-second clip, but it shows the early outline of what appears to be a city. We see Ayaka gliding down from a high altitude, next to a giant wall. It seems that the shapes and outlines here are buildings etched into its side.

Players are speculating that the wall will form the foundation of a large waterfall, which would make sense in a Hydro nation city. There’s also a basin-like space below the base of the wall, so this idea feels like a solid one.

We don’t know much about Fontaine just yet, but the Dendro Archon, Nahida, did provide some information about the region at the end of the recent Sumeru Archon quest.

She states that Fontaine is the nation of justice, and it operates on a judicial system with a Chief Justice and everything you’d expect. The Hydro Archon, Focalors, doesn’t preside over individual trials, but she does attend nearly every single one of them.

Nahida’s brief description is most of what we know about Fontaine, so this leak is potentially providing the first visual preview. The clip comes from SusAmongUsLeaks – a generally reliable source of Genshin leaks.

Fontaine likely won’t appear until version 4.0 next year, so in the meantime, be sure to read up on what’s to come in Genshin Impact version 3.3. The permanent Genius Invokation TCG is being added alongside two new characters, Scaramouche and Faruzan.