Genshin Impact leak reveals Spiral Abyss enemies for version 3.3

This Genshin Impact leak provides a sneak peek at the enemy lineup for the Spiral Abyss challenge in the RPG's version 3.3 update coming next month

Genshin Impact leak reveals Spiral Abyss enemies for version 3.3: anime girl with blue hair and gold eyes

This recent Genshin Impact leak has given us an early look at the first Spiral Abyss enemy lineup that’ll be coming in the anime game‘s version 3.3 update. The Spiral Abyss is a regular, reliable source of free Primogems if you can earn all 36 stars, so it’s always nice to know what to prepare for ahead of time.

The leak focuses on floor 12 of the Abyss, as it’s the only one that removes any effects or buffs that your party can take advantage of. It also boosts enemy health to a somewhat ridiculous degree, making it the most difficult combat challenge in the entire game.

In Genshin Impact version 3.3, floor 12’s first chamber will feature the Perpetual Mechanical Array boss in the first half, with two Eremite Sword Dancers, a Fatui Geochanter, and an Eremite Stone Enchanter in the second half.

The second chamber’s first half will contain an Eremite Galehunter, a Primal Construct Reshaper, and a Primal Construct Repulsor. Meanwhile, the second half will house the ever-annoying Golden Wolflord boss.

Finally, the third chamber’s first half will pit you against the Jadeplume Terrorshroom boss, and the second half will have nine Rockfond Rifthound whelps and three Rockfond Rifthounds.

The first chamber shouldn’t be too difficult to complete, but the Rifthound enemies should never be taken lightly, as their life-sapping abilities can bypass shields. You’ll need strong healers like Kokomi or Bennett — along with some incredible DPS — to defeat these wolves within the time limits and earn all 36 stars in the Spiral Abyss.

Genshin Impact leak reveals Spiral Abyss enemies for version 3.3: graphic with icons, numbers, and an art-filled background

The info comes from Pengepul Teyvat, a well-known leaker who often puts out accurate Spiral Abyss details ahead of time, even though they make it clear the info is always subject to change. You can check out this Reddit thread for the full visual.

The Genshin Impact version 3.2 second-half banners have just gone live, so it might be a good idea to pull for Yae Miko or Childe if you’re looking to add some serious damage to your team comps.