Genshin Impact player shows how they hit the ore limit in just 10 days

This focused Genshin Impact player managed to hit the 9,999 ore limit in just over a week through a bit of planning and a lot of free hours.

Genshin Impact player shows how they hit the ore limit in just 10 days: anime man with brown hair holding a teacup

One resinless Genshin Impact player was able to collect 9,999 Crystal Chunk ore in just 10 days with a relatively simple system. This is truly an endeavor that you’d only dream of attempting if you’ve run out of resin, preventing you from participating in most of the fun activities that the anime game has to offer. But if you’re looking for a quick way to max out your Genshin Impact ore, this method will help.

Redditor ‘nickelflowers’ explained that they only memorised 10 ore locations to gather the items, as opposed to doing the full runs that most players do, collecting every single available piece of ore on the map until the server reset brings them back.

The 10 spots that nickelflowers uses are found in The Chasm, and each mining spot has two to four Crystal Chunks nearby. They memorize the locations, then join other players’ worlds in co-op over and over again to mine the materials.

According to nickelflowers, this process only takes about two to five minutes per world if you know the 10 spots by heart. That works out to about 100 pieces of ore in 10 minutes, which equals about 1,000 per hour. It’s still a grind, for sure, but with that efficiency, collecting 9,999 ore in 10 days starts to sound far more doable.

Here’s an image of their full breakdown, along with the mining spots used:

Genshin Impact player shows how they hit the ore limit in just 10 days: detailed outline about ore mining with text and accompanying images

Nickelflowers also mentions that the only reason they stop at 1,000 ore each day is to preserve their sanity, so realistically, you could keep going for as long as you want if you don’t mind the grind.

This is a necessary part of the game, especially with newcomers Baizhu and Kaveh being released in the second half of Genshin Impact version 3.6. You’ll need as much ore as you can get your hands on to be able to level up their weapons, should you choose to start upgrading new ones.

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