Genshin Impact event bug lets Paimon follow you like a true companion

A new Genshin Impact Paimon bug allows the world's best travel companion to follow you around as you explore Teyvat, thanks to the Fungi event.

Genshin Impact event bug lets Paimon follow you like a true companion: anime girl with white hair and blue eyes

This new Genshin Impact Paimon bug gives her the ability to stay by your side at all times, which is something that’s always implied through dialogue and cutscenes but never actually seen. She’s not known as the best travel companion for nothing, and with this glitch, Paimon can float around as you travel from place to place, just like any other companion gadget that’s currently available in the anime game.

The new Fungus Mechanicus event in Genshin Impact version 3.5 brings back some of our old mushroom friends, but it also comes with an unexpected bug that can be used if you haven’t yet fully started the event. You’ll need to be at the stage where Paimon is floating next to two Fungi in Port Ormos, under a bridge.

To get the bug to work, you’ll need to teleport to the waypoint that brings you to the bridge directly above Paimon and the Fungi. Then, enter co-op mode and jump down so that you land right on top of Paimon while opening up her menu at the same time.

If you do it correctly, the character who jumped will likely die and there will be a second Paimon floating next to your head. She’ll now follow you around as long as you don’t open up her menu again. You can exit co-op and even teleport around – she’ll return to follow you after briefly disappearing.

You can check out this video by Genshin content creator Mockermay to get a clearer visual for the whole process:

YouTube Thumbnail

If we’re being honest, Paimon should already be able to follow us around like this, and it would be cool if HoYoverse added the option to toggle her on and off like all of the other gadget companions we have.

Take advantage of the bug while it lasts because the event won’t last much longer. You should also pull for Ayaka, Shenhe, and Mika if you’re interested, as their banners will be up for a few more weeks.