Genshin Impact player saves 400 million mora, aiming for 1 billion

One determined Genshin Impact player has managed to save up 400 million mora in HoYoverse's anime game with the goal of eventually reaching one billion in total

Genshin Impact player earns 400 million mora, aiming for 1 billion: anime girl with white hair and red eyes surrounded by gold

This dedicated Genshin Impact player has shown enough restraint to save up 400 million mora. Their goal is to earn one billion  in total, which would be an incredible feat – not only because it’s time-consuming, but also because it involves resisting the urge to spend too much mora on the anime game‘s basic features like upgrading characters or artifacts.

A Redditor named Some-Good-Dranks is the persistent player in question, and they have a whole routine that’s helped them get this far. Other players have also earned millions of mora, but the difference here is that it’s being saved to reach a goal.

Some-Good-Dranks usually completes 15 ley lines each day, which provides about 900,000 mora. Then comes the daily commissions to add another 70,000 or so.

This amount of mora can only be earned from daily commissions if you’ve reached AR60, as all Adventure Rank experience gets automatically changed into mora for players at max level. If you want those extra mora benefits, there are a few ways to maximise your Genshin Impact levelling strategy.

This daily mora routine also includes an artifact run that nets them around 130 low-rarity artifacts to destroy to earn about 80,000 mora. Defeated enemies that drop spare change here and there are also counted. All this, on top of three million from each battle pass, and everything that has already been found through 100% exploration.

Some-Good-Dranks laid out all of their methods and estimations in a Reddit thread for others to see, and they’ve even calculated how long it should take to reach the one billion mora goal. According to their math, it should take about 384 more days to save up one billion, so we’ll like be seeing a celebration post around Christmas in 2023.

Those of you who are looking to actually spend your mora should read up on what’s to come in Genshin Impact version 3.3, as two new Anemo characters, Scaramouche and Faruzan, will be arriving alongside a Raiden Shogun rerun.