Genshin Impact fan builds dialogue skip machine, and we need it

This resourceful Genshin Impact player has taken dialogue skipping to the next level by using an automated machine to speed up conversations

Genshin Impact player builds a machine to automatically skip dialogue: anime boy holding glowing machine

If you’ve played Genshin Impact for a reasonable length of time, it’s likely that you’ve thought about skipping dialogue at one point or another – the RPG game is absolutely full of overly-long conversations. So this Genshin Impact player has found a unique way to get around the dialogue. They’ve created a machine to automate the process, allowing them to leave their controller unattended while dialogue gets skipped as quickly as possible.

Reddit user zephyr8604 shared a clip of their setup in a thread and, essentially, they have a machine that continuously presses the button to advance dialogue on a PlayStation 4 controller. Three switches are flipped to start the automated system, which prompted a few commenters to liken the process to arming a nuclear launch.

Concerns were also voiced about how quickly the controller’s button will get worn out by having a machine press down on it. But zephyr reveals that the machine isn’t actually pressing all the way down, but just hard enough to register a press, which should keep the controller from suffering long-term damage.

Some users even wanted pointers on how to build the device themselves, and zephyr responded with a brief explanation of how a solenoid — a type of electromagnet — is used alongside a relay and program that they’ve shared in the thread.

In the post, they also explain that this creative time-saver was made simply to avoid seeing the same dialogue multiple times while ‘piloting’ their friends’ accounts. Piloting is a term used to describe when one person plays on someone else’s account to complete certain goals that the account owner doesn’t want to do themself (finishing current in-game events, finding Dendroculus, artifact grinding, etc.)

Check out zephyr’s Reddit post to learn more about the process.

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