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Genshin Impact 4.4 event – every new announcement

HoYoverse reveals Genshin Impact version 4.4 Vibrant Harries Aloft in Spring Breeze, which sees the debut of two characters and much more.

Genshin Impact update 4.4: A woman with long, flowing black hair and red-framed glasses smiles, lanterns floating above her in the night sky

Genshin Impact is gearing up for the lunar new year with version 4.4, Vibrant Harriers Aloft in Spring Breeze. With the update comes a variety of features, including a new area to explore, artifact loadouts, characters, outfits, and the return of HoYoverse’s annual Lantern Rite event. There are plenty of freebies to snag, too.

There’s no doubting Genshin Impact‘s influence amid the endless sea of free games out there. HoYoverse frequently adds new features as well as Genshin Impact events, too, as is the case with the upcoming 4.4 release. With it drop two new characters, Xianyun and Gaming, alongside reruns for Nahida, Yae Miko, and Xiao.

Xianyun is the first of the two, a stunning five-star Anemo character that’s arriving with a kit of mechanical inventions and air attacks. The other Genshin Impact new character is called Gaming, and he’s a four-star Pyro Claymore wielder who HoYoverse describes as an enthusiast of traditional dancing. Gaming uses this love of dance in combat to make for some beautiful battle moves.

You can expect to see them when version 4.4 launches on Wednesday, January 31, as well as Genshin Impact’s brand-new region, Chenyu Vale. Located in the northwest of Liyue, the area sits amid towering mountains and rivers. While it’s seemingly serene and perfect for some share-worthy screenshots, the spot also houses a new boss.

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Solitary Suanni is Chenyu Vale’s formidable world boss, wielding both Amen and Hydro. Aside from the world boss, there are three new events to get through, along with the rerun of The Overflowing Mastery event which means more character talent enhancement materials.

There is of course the main event to enjoy, too, the annual Lantern Rite. The celebratory event is kite-themed this year, with three accompanying skins for Ganyu, Shenhe, and Xingqiu. While Ganyu and Shenhe’s skins are discounted with the arrival of 4.4, you can acquire Xinqiu’s for free during the event.

To celebrate the new version, you can also claim up to ten Intertwined Fates along with three extras that will arrive in your mailbox. Genshin Impact’s upcoming version brings various other features and goodies, like the long-awaited addition of the artifact loadout system and quality-of-life changes.

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