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New Genshin Impact Yelan trailer showcases the hydro user

‘Inevitable Justice’ Genshin Impact Yelan character teaser shows off the new 2.7 hydro DPS character in action for the free-to-play game, voice actors announced

New Genshin Impact Yelan character teaser: Yelan sits at a desk, elbows resting on the desk and hands together underneath her chin

A new Genshin Impact Yelan character teaser has shown off the upcoming hydro DPS character for Hoyoverse’s popular RPG game. The new Genshin Impact character has been known about for a while, and we already have information on the Yelan banner and abilities for the upcoming bow user. However, the new ‘Yelan: Inevitable Justice’ trailer showcases her in action alongside today’s official introduction post from Hoyoverse.

The Yelan banner, titled ‘Discerna of Enigmas,’ has been confirmed for the first half of Genshin Impact 2.7, which releases on May 31. The introductory post describes Yelan as a ‘phantom’ who often visits events in disguise, saying that even most of her colleagues at the Ministry of Civil Affairs are unaware of her.

In the trailer, Yelan is shown as a calm but intimidating presence, appearing out of thin air behind two figures that are discussing her, after which she captures the pair and interrogates them for information. Hoyoverse also revealed the Yelan voice actors for the Japanese and English language versions of Genshin Impact today – Endō Aya and Laura Post, respectively.

You can check out Yelan’s character teaser below:

YouTube Thumbnail

Keep an eye on PCGamesN for all your Genshin Impact needs, including information on the free-to-play game’s current and next Genshin Impact banner. We’ve also got a Yelan materials guide if you want to start preparing the ascension materials you’ll need for her arrival right now. If you want to know who else to play in the open-world game, we have a Genshin Impact tier list that should have you well covered.

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