Left 4 Dead map reimagined in Halo Infinite Forge, and it’s awesome

A level inspired by a Left 4 Dead map has been created in Halo Infinite Forge, despite the new mode in 343 industries' FPS game not actually being out yet

Halo Infinite Forge gets Left 4 Dead-inspired cityscape map: Master Chief grapple shots off screen

There’s been yet another incredible Halo Infinite Forge creation despite it not even being officially out yet, as one player has made a level inspired by a Left 4 Dead map in the FPS game.

Created by Karmaplex, the Halo Infinite Forge creation is seriously impressive, with a video showing off the dense, abandoned city streets filled with snow and punctuated by mesmerising lighting placements.

Karamplex has dubbed the creation a The Division meets Left 4 Dead map, and it certainly fits the bill for both, as some sort of quarantine zone is left desolate and buildings stretch on behind the playable area.

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“Happy to see this is being well received but I promise this isn’t even a fraction of my power,” says Karmaplex.

This is just one of many incredible Forge creations, as someone else also managed to recreate Andy’s Room from Toy Story in the game design tool, while another person turned Halo Infinite into Mario Kart.

The community creations in Halo Infinite Forge are going to get better and better too, as the creation mode will launch on November 8 this year and give all players the chance to try out the tools and make their levels and wacky ideas into a reality.

There was even the first of a few Halo Infinite Forge showcases fairly recently, and it showed off how you’ll be able to create giant grunts, and build with snappy commands come November this year. Not everyone is happy with the recent Halo Infinite roadmap though, as Cr1tikal called it the “last nail in the coffin” of the game.

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