Halo Infinite difficulty – how to change campaign difficulty

If you’re unhappy with the Halo Infinite difficulty you selected, you don’t have to lose your progress. Follow this guide to switch your difficulty level

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Want to change the Halo Infinite difficulty level? We’ve all been there at some stage – you opt for the hardest difficulty on your first playthrough only to find that you’re not having any fun. Some FPS games force you to live with your decision, but Halo Infinite isn’t one of those games. It’s worth bearing in mind that changing your difficulty level on the fly does have some repercussions for achievement hunting, but we’ll get into that later.

Halo Infinite’s campaign can be tricky for newcomers to the series as the Banished feel relentless at first. Once you get to grips with the Grappleshot and you begin to upgrade your suit with Spartan Cores, the enemies start to feel like pushovers. When you take into consideration how long the Halo Infinite campaign is, you won’t want to spend most of that time playing on a difficulty level that doesn’t sufficiently challenge you.

Whether you’ve picked a difficulty that’s too easy or hard for you, we’ll help you adjust the settings to suit your needs. Here’s everything you need to change your Halo Infinite campaign difficulty.

Halo Infinite change campaign difficulty

You can change your Halo Infinite campaign difficulty level at any time by heading to the campaign section in the main menu. Select ‘Load Game’, pick your save file and scroll up to the ‘Difficulty’ button. From this point, you can choose from any of the four difficulty modes like you did at the beginning of the game.

Here are the campaign difficulty settings in Halo Infinite:

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Heroic
  • Legendary

It’s important to note that changing your difficulty does have an impact on your campaign achievement progress. There are achievements for completing the entire campaign on normal, heroic, and legendary with Halo Infinite skulls active.

If you complete any mission after changing the difficulty level, you may not be able to unlock any achievements. For example, if you go from normal to easy during the final mission of the game, you won’t unlock the achievement for completing the campaign on normal. Halo Infinite doesn’t have a level select menu, meaning you won’t be able to repeat missions without creating a brand new save file.

That’s all you need to change the campaign difficulty level in Halo Infinite. Once you’ve finished the single player campaign, you may want to hunt for the multiplayer skins locations on Zeta Halo. Don’t forget to check out the Halo Infinite weekly challenges before you fight against other players in the multiplayer mode.