Halo MCC update brings Flood Firefight and Halo 3 crossplay

The Halo MCC update for April 2022 adds some major new features, like Halo ODST Floodfight and Halo 3 crossplay, with plans for Halo 4 mod support

Halo ODST Floodfight is a big part of the Halo MCC update for April 2022

The Halo MCC update for April 2022 is here and it adds some big new features to the FPS game collection, including the recently teased Halo ODST Flood Firefight mode and the introduction of Halo 3 crossplay. Plus, 343 Industries adds that Halo mod support for “every game in the MCC” is happening this year. Phew.

The Halo MCC April 2022 patch notes are here, and 343 goes into a lot of detail about the new features in a Steam blog post. Of course, the biggest new addition is ‘Floodfight’, which adds waves of Halo’s zombie-like Flood to ODST’s enjoyable co-op survival Firefight mode. The Flood are shrouded in a creepy Silent Hill-like fog, can ride vehicles, and even infect you or your teammates to turn players to their side.

The update also includes UI improvements, new skulls and medals, custom game browser support, and tweaks to Forge and mod tools. Another big addition is campaign co-op crossplay (cool) for both Halo 3 and Halo ODST, so PC and Xbox players can finish the fight together – which is important, seeing as Halo Infinite won’t even get co-op until partway into Season 2.

343 also mentions a few of its future plans for the Master Chief Collection. Still no word on Halo 5, sadly, but the developer does state that its goal is to “support modding and Steam Workshop for every game in the MCC”. Halo ODST mod tools are coming soon, and the team aims to add Halo Reach, Halo 2 multiplayer, and Halo 4 mods “during this year”.

343 plans to deliver “multiple updates” throughout 2022 with “key features, quality-of-life updates, and bug fixes” alongside any content that hasn’t been added yet – and these should cycle between any big Halo Infinite updates.

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As for Halo 5 on PC, currently, your best bet is to play it through the Game Pass Ultimate cloud – which can even be done on the Steam Deck, with a bit of code tweaking.

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