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Hogwarts Legacy clock tower puzzle solution

The Hogwarts Legacy clock tower puzzle prevents you from entering four secret rooms, but once you know the solution, there’s some special loot to be had.

Hogwarts Legacy Clock Tower puzzle: Pendulum

Looking for the Hogwarts Legacy clock tower puzzle solution? You can gain access to four small rooms, each connected to the main clock tower room. These rooms contain chests full of goodies – and solving the puzzle’s solution itself is its own reward.

Four doors stand between you and this hidden Hogwarts Legacy loot, each covered by a grate – so no spell or potion is going to get you access. Well, actually, you do need some Hogwarts Legacy spells to solve this puzzle, but you won’t be targeting the doors in this Hogwarts Legacy mystery. Heck, you don’t even need to use Alohomora to unlock any Hogwarts Legacy doors to get to the loot inside. Here’s what you need to know about solving the clock tower puzzle.

How to open the clock tower doors in Hogwarts Legacy

First, let’s talk about spells. There are two you can use for this challenge: Glacius or Arresto Momentum. Glacius freezes the target, while Arresto Momentum causes them to slow, but either will be just fine for the clock tower puzzle. Make sure you have one of them unlocked before continuing.

Once you have either Glacius or Arresto Momentum, head to the clock tower, where you can see four symbols above the clock’s huge pendulum, from left to right, we’ll call these unicorn, owl, goblet, and mantis. Each of these icons corresponds to one of the four doors you want to unlock, as seen on the metal grate blocking each door. To unlock a Hogwarts Legacy clock tower puzzle door, you must:

  • Wait for the pendulum to reach the relevant icon.
  • Cast Glacius or Arresto Momentum on the pendulum.
  • If the pendulum is stopped in the right place, the associated bars will open temporarily.
  • Hogwarts Legacy clock tower door locations

Hogwarts Legacy Clock Tower puzzle: Unicorn door

Door 1 – Unicorn
The unicorn door is located in the main clock tower room, in the right hand corner as you look up at the front of the pendulum. Inside, you’ll find two chests.

Hogwarts Legacy Clock Tower puzzle: Owl Door

Door 2 – Owl
Before unlocking this door, ensure you have the Disillusionment spell or an invisibility potion, as this room holds Hogwarts Legacy eyeball chests.

To locate this door, use the stairs behind a locked door in the clock tower room. Head up one floor, and follow the passage to your right at the end of which is the owl door. You can access the back of the pendulum from here, so freeze it in what is now the third position, and the door will unlock.

Before entering, make yourself invisible, and enter the room to loot the eyeball chest.

Hogwarts Legacy Clock Tower puzzle: Goblet Door

Door 3 – Goblet
The goblet door is located one floor above the owl door, so head further up the same staircase as before. Again, you have access to the pendulum from here, so you will be able to freeze the pendulum over the corresponding symbol to part the gates. Inside, you’ll find even more loot, including a collectable chest.

Hogwarts Legacy Clock Tower puzzle: Mantis Door

Door 4 – Mantis
This doorway is in the stairwell used to access the owl and goblet doors, so you should have already passed it. It is the only door from which you don’t have direct access to the pendulum, so you must head back to the main room to freeze the pendulum, before returning to the door.

On top of all that great loot, unlocking all four doors also completes one of the three Hogwarts Legacy secrets, which are hidden among your Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide pages and will be crucial to the completionist in you. The other two are the bridge puzzle and the Key of Admittance. If you’re struggling to find your way around the open-world game, take some time to get used to the massive Hogwarts Legacy map. And if you need a break from the casting spells, check out some of the best PC games around right now.

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