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How to unlock doors in Hogwarts Legacy with Alohomora

Here's how to unlock doors in Hogwarts Legacy with Alohomora, as well as chests and other locked thing, but it can take a while to get the relevant spell.

Hogwarts Legacy unlock locked doors chests - Gladwin Moon is standing next to a stone wall. He is wearing a black suit with a cravat.

You won’t be able to unlock Hogwarts Legacy doors and chests for quite some time. It isn’t until you come across the main story quest called ‘The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament’ and learn Alohomora. Here, you’ll properly meet Hogwarts’ caretaker, Gladwin Moon. He’s usually a bit of a tough geezer, but he recently has become paranoid that someone’s out to torment him. Recently he came face-to-face with a Boggart, which apparated into his greatest fear: a Demiguise. Now all of a sudden, there are statues everywhere, and he wants to reveal the identity of his assailant.

During this quest, Gladwin teaches you Alohomora, one of the Hogwarts Legacy spells, which unlocks both doors and chests, which in this open-world game can contain valuable gear and collectables. To get this precious spell, you first need to progress through the Hogwarts Legacy story for a fair number of hours until you get this main story quest in your log. Gladwin will teach the first level to you as part of the quest, but returning Hogwarts Legacy Demiguise Statues to him will eventually increase the spell’s level to a maximum of three.

Hogwarts Legacy unlock locked doors chests - the lockpicking puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy. It shows a green ring which is in the correct place as the gears on the right are turning with a green light. The gears on the left are not turning because the red spark in the inner ring is not in the correct place.

How to unlock doors and chests with Alohomora

Whether it’s your first door you open or one of the higher-level chests found later in the game, you first need to approach the lock and cast Alohomora. This will take you to a quick mini-game. If you are playing on a controller, each analogue stick controls one of two rings – left for green and right for red. If you’re playing with a mouse and keyboard, the Q and E keys control the green spark in the outer ring, and the A and D keys move the red spark in the inner ring.

In this lockpicking minigame, you aim to get the gears near the rings to turn. Once you’ve found one of the two good locations, keep the ring still as you work on the second. As both sets of gears turn, keep the rings in position until you hear a click. This will unlock the door. Luckily, it’s impossible to make a wrong move and fail this minigame.

Hogwarts Legacy unlock locked doors chests - the Alohomora spell learning minigame. The player must hold the analog stick in the direction of the path, pressing the button when their marker goes over it.

How to level up Alohomora

After you’ve learned the spell and completed ‘The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament’, Gladwin tells you to bring him as many Demiguise Moons as possible. Of course, this means you must hunt down the statues in the dead of night on Hogwarts school grounds, inside buildings in Hogsmeade, and even around the surrounding countryside.

Here is how many Demiguise Statues you need to collect to improve the Alohomora spell for each rank:

  • Alohomora I – complete ‘The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament’.
  • Alohomora II – give Gladwin Moon nine Demiguise Moons.
  • Alohomora III – give Gladwin Moon even more Demiguise Moons.

And it’s as simple as that to unlock locked doors and chests in Hogwarts Legacy. These Demiguise Statues take some detective work to locate, making them one of the more annoying collectibles to gather in the RPG game. We recommend examining every area with the assistance of the Hogwarts Legacy map and marking off place names with the Floo Flame locations to narrow your search. If you find a treasure map and don’t know where to go, give our Hogwarts Legacy Ghost of Our Love quest guide a read. Finally, check out the Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian keys locations if you’re trying to track down every last collectible.

There’s plenty to do in Hogwarts Legacy. Still, once you’ve exhausted everything this game offers you, you can find some of the best Hogwarts Legacy mods to customise the game to your liking or check out our best PC games list for potentially your next big adventure that’s waiting for your attention.

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