Hogwarts Legacy field guide pages explained

You’re going to want to find as many field guide pages in Hogwarts Legacy as you can to earn easy experience points and learn interesting bits of lore.

Hogwarts Legacy field guide pages - the field guide that Professor Weasley hands over to the witch or wizard. It has the Hogwarts emblem on the front and a metal latch.

As a new Hogwarts student, you need to find Hogwarts Legacy field guide pages in order to catch up with the rest of your schoolmates. The Hogwarts staff and the Ministry of Magic have entrusted you with the Wizard’s Field Guide, a special book that has the ability to discover opportunities for students to help them learn and grow.

There are well over 100 Hogwarts Legacy field guide pages hidden around Hogwarts’ school grounds alone, and plenty more in the surrounding countryside. Each one you collect grants experience points, with Revelio pages bestowing some knowledge about the location or artefact, while flying pages require the use of Accio. You’ve got quite a bit to learn as a fifth-year student, so if you want to catch up to the other Hogwarts Legacy characters, it’s important to fill in as many field guide pages as you can in the PC game. Here’s everything we know about the field guide pages in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy field guide pages - the wizard is casting the Revelio spell to make a hidden field guide page appear next to the House-Elf book.

How to find field guide pages in Hogwarts Legacy

You can tell when you’re near a field guide page when you spot a loose piece of parchment. These bits of parchment appear in different forms and you will need to cast at least one of the many Hogwarts Legacy spells to collect them. For each one you find, you get 80 experience points, but you also make progress through one of many Hogwarts Legacy challenges.

Just after you obtain the field guide, Professor Weasley will instruct you to cast Revelio to uncover a hidden page close to your Hogwarts Legacy common room. Players can also snatch the flying pages out of the air by using Accio. Given the sheer number of pages to discover, expect to use most of your spells to complete puzzles around Hogwarts. One example of this involves using Lumos to lure moths towards Hogwarts Legacy empty paintings in order to reveal the image and the field guide page hidden within, while others involve lighting dragon braziers dotted around the school.

That’s everything there is to know about the field guide pages in Hogwarts Legacy. Since there are lots of field pages to discover in the open-world game, we recommend familiarising yourself with the Hogwarts Legacy map so you can keep track of how many of them in each region you’ve collected. While Floo Flames do make travelling fast rather painless, you may also wish to fly on one of the many brooms rather than journey to each settlement on foot.

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