Hogwarts Legacy Key of Admittance location

The final secret is the Hogwarts Legacy Key of Admittance, which opens up a passageway that’s hidden somewhere on the Hogwarts school grounds.

Hogwarts Legacy Key of Admittance - Professor Black has a stern look on his face. He's wearing a green jacket and a blue cravat.

You need the Hogwarts Legacy Key of Admittance to finish the secrets challenges, and this one will take some time to obtain. You must complete some late-game story quests before you can even access the room in question, and even if you do, you need to have prepped beforehand by finding a whole bunch of collectibles.

Before you can get the Hogwarts Legacy Key of Admittance, you need to learn how to unlock doors with Alohomora and increase its level to three by nabbing all of the Hogwarts Legacy Demiguise Statues. On top of that, you also need to complete the quest ‘The Polyjuice Plot’ by finding out the Black family motto and accessing the headmaster’s office. Then, and only then, will you be able to reach the Key of Admittance and unlock the final secret in the open-world game.

Hogwarts Legacy Key of Admittance - the wizard is about to approach the door that requires this specific key to unlock.

How to get the Hogwarts Legacy Key of Admittance

Once you have met these requirements, obtaining the key is fairly simple. First, use the Floo Flames to fast travel to the Trophy Room in the Grand Staircase section of Hogwarts. From the flames, head down the hallway filled with living armour statues and enter the gate ahead. Go up the stairs and through the door until you reach a stone wall. Turn left and head past the stone dragons and the empty painting here to find the final set of stairs. Climb up and around to enter the headmaster’s office.

From here, you’ll see a level two locked door. Pick it open and go through it. Head upstairs to the level three locked door in this small external area. Pick that one, too, and the Key of Admittance will be in the room ahead. Go all the way downstairs until you get to the headmaster’s office. Head out of the office and down the stone staircase to reach the corridor with the stone dragon statues. At the other end of this corridor is a door with a rather complicated-looking lock. This door is where the Key of Admittance goes, so interact with it, and you’ll gain access to the treasures inside.

That’s where to find and use the Hogwarts Legacy Key of Admittance. Provided you’ve found the rest of the Hogwarts Legacy secrets, namely solving both the bridge puzzle and the clock tower puzzle, you should have done everything you need to complete the Hogwarts Legacy challenges. However, since you’re coming to the end of the RPG game, you may wish to experiment with Hogwarts Legacy mods or move on to something completely different. Our list of the best PC games has some helpful suggestions.

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