How to fast travel in Hogwarts Legacy

To enable Hogwarts Legacy fast travel, you need to find Floo Flames around the massive open-world map, in Hogwarts itself, into Hogsmeade, and beyond.

Hogwarts Legacy Floo Flame locations and fast travel: A student stands before a long hallway

Want to know how to enable Hogwarts Legacy fast travel? Finding Floo Flame locations is essential to make your life easier as you travel around the vast magical world. Sticking true to wizarding world lore, Floo Flames allow magic users to travel between locations, though it looks like they won’t be restricted to classic fireplaces.

The open-world game boasts a massive map, so Hogwarts Legacy fast travel will help you get around more quickly. Of course, you need to manually travel to each Floo Flame location in Hogwarts Legacy before you unlock it. Still, once you’ve seen them all, you can dart between the Hogwarts Legacy common rooms and Hogsmeade, from the Crossed Wands duelling club to the Forbidden Forest, or between individual Daedalian Keys and Demiguise Statues in no time.

Hogwarts Legacy Floo Flame fast travel - the map selection screen showing the Floo Flame locations in one part of Hogwarts.

How to fast travel in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy characters, whether witches or wizards, can use Floo Flames to fast travel around the Hogwarts Legacy map. However, they might not appear quite how you expect them to. While some bright green flames may appear in fireplaces around the Harry Potter universe, the fast travel locations are small, wall-mounted flames either along corridors or paths or inside small houses. You don’t need to hold Floo Powder to activate the flames either, as approaching them lights them up, ready for fast travel to that location at any time.

Once you find a Floo Flame, you can then use the map screen to select the area you wish to fast travel, then select from the discovered Floo Flame locations. You will need to switch maps if you wish to fast travel to Hogsmeade or one of the other areas of the world map.

Hogwarts Legacy Floo Flames locations: The Hufflepuff common room with a Floo Flame on the wall

Hogwarts Legacy Floo Flame locations

There are lots of Floo Flames scattered throughout Hogwarts Legacy, so we’re going to split this into three sections: Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and The Highlands.

Here are all of the Hogwarts Legacy fast travel Floo Flame locations:

Hogwarts Legacy Floo Flame fast travel - Hogwarts in the world map.


Astronomy wing

  • Astronomy tower
  • Charms classroom
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts tower
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom
  • Professor Fig’s classroom
  • Transfiguration classroom
  • Transfiguration courtyard

Bell Tower wing

  • Bell Tower courtyard
  • Flying Class lawn
  • Beasts classroom
  • Hogwarts north exit
  • West tower

The Grand Staircase

  • Grand Staircase
  • Grand Staircase tower
  • Lower Grand Staircase
  • Quad courtyard
  • Ravenclaw tower
  • Ravenclaw common room (only accessible if you’re a Ravenclaw)
  • Slytherin common room (only accessible if you’re a Slytherin)
  • Trophy room

The Great Hall

  • Boathouse
  • Great Hall
  • Hufflepuff common room (only accessible if you’re a Hufflepuff)
  • Viaduct courtyard

The Library Anex

  • Central hall
  • Divination classroom
  • Greenhouses
  • Library
  • Potions classroom

Secret Rooms

The South Wing

  • Clock Tower courtyard
  • Faculty tower
  • Hospital wing
  • Hogwarts south exit
  • Gryffindor common room (only accessible if you’re a Gryffindor)

Hogwarts Legacy Floo Flame fast travel - Hogsmeade in the world map.


  • North Hogsmeade
  • South Hogsmeade
  • West Hogsmeade

Hogwarts Legacy Floo Flame fast travel - a view of some of the regions in the world map.

The Highlands

North Ford Bog

  • Pitt-Upon-Ford
  • San Bakar’s Tower
  • East North Ford Bog
  • North Ford Bog

Forbidden Forest

  • Jackdaw’s Tomb
  • West Forbidden Forest
  • North Ford Bog Entrance

Hogsmeade Valley

  • Upper Hogsfield
  • Falbarton Castle
  • East Hogsmeade Valley

North Hogwarts Region

  • Korrow Ruins
  • The Collector’s Cave
  • East North Hogwarts Region

South Hogwarts Region

  • Aranshire
  • Lower Hogsfield
  • Mooncalf Den
  • Forbidden Forest

Hogwarts Valley

  • West Hogwarts Valley
  • Central Hogwarts Valley
  • Brocburrow
  • Keenbridge
  • The Mine’s Eye

Feldcroft Region

  • North Feldcroft
  • Feldcroft
  • Feldcroft Catacomb
  • South Feldcroft
  • Rookwood Castle
  • Irondale

South Sea Bog

  • Northern South Sea Bog

Coastal Cavern

  • East South Sea Bog
  • North Poidsear Coast
  • Tomb of Treachery

Poidsear Coast

  • Poidsear Castle
  • Phoenix mountain cave
  • South Poidsear Coast
  • Marunweem Bridge

Marunweem Lake

  • Coastal Mine
  • Marunweem Ruins
  • Marunweem
  • Marunweem Lake
  • Tower Tunnel

Manor Cape

  • Bainburgh
  • West Manor Cape


  • Cragcroft Shore
  • Cragcroft

Clagmar Coast

  • Clagmar Castle
  • Clagmar Coast

With that, you’ve got no excuse not to explore every nook and cranny of the wizarding world in your time in Hogwarts Legacy. Still, you ensure your setup can handle the Hogwarts Legacy system requirements, as the action-adventure game will take up quite a lot of space. In the meantime, be sure to check out some of the best Hogwarts Legacy mods to tweak or add things to this already huge game.

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