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Hogwarts Legacy HUD seemingly the same after fan backlash

The Hogwarts Legacy HUD failed to wow Harry Potter fans in the RPG game's first trailer, and a new teaser may imply that Avalanche hasn't made any adjustments

Hogwarts Legacy HUD remains the same after fan backlash: A woman with long ginger hair smiles while wearing a moss green witch hat with colourful flowers on it standing at bottom of old stairs

The Hogwarts Legacy HUD was spotted in early trailers for the Harry Potter RPG game, and for many fans its design left a lot to be desired. With comments suggesting that it was a simple placeholder, a new teaser trailer may imply that the HUD we’ve seen is the one we’ll be getting.

Fans have deduced this from the ominous trailer for the Imperio spell, one of the wizarding world’s three unforgivable curses. The icon for the ability features a white male side profile on a black diamond background, inside of which is a puppeteer’s hand controlling the target’s thoughts.

It’s the diamond shape of the icon that has caught attention, though, as it perfectly slots into an earlier version of the HUD that players found in one of the game’s trailers.

At the moment, the ability HUD looks to be a large diamond shape made up of four smaller diamonds, each of which represents different Hogwarts Legacy spells. As one fan noted on the game’s Reddit, the Imperio icon fits into the current iteration of the HUD, potentially scuppering initial thoughts that the trailer’s version may be a placeholder.

“I may be grasping at straws here but based on how the icon for Imperio was presented in the recent Twitter post, could this possibly mean the HUD has stayed the same since it was discovered?” they ask. “Either way, I love the icon for Imperio, it looks very clean. I wouldn’t mind the HUD being the same, but from the few frames we saw, it looked very ‘testy’ and gimmicky.”

One budding wizard writes “based on this, (and nothing is certain) I’d suggest at least the basic style is staying. They may update some of the icons but I think we see the style pretty clearly.”

“That’s a really good catch!” comments another fan. “Although, unless some s**t happens behind the scenes, it only makes sense that the rough idea for the HUD would stay the same after a couple of months.” A final response notes “hopefully they improve it for the final version of the game.”

While some aren’t a fan of the current spellcasting diamond, I personally quite like it. Everything is legible, looks like it can be easily keybound, and some of the icons look absolutely awesome – Imperio included. Don’t try and lock me up in Azkaban, it just looks cool okay?

We’ll only know whether or not this is the finalised HUD when we reach the highly anticipated Hogwarts Legacy release date or perhaps by getting a sneak peek during the Hogwarts Legacy early access period. While we wait for that exciting day, we have the answer to the age-old question is Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy – no spoilers here, don’t worry.

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