Hogwarts Legacy has shiny Pokemon, but they’re actually beasts

Hogwarts Legacy, the new Harry Potter RPG game, has some fantastic, but very hidden shiny beasts, including Puffskein, turning it into a more magical Pokemon.

Hogwarts Legacy has shiny beasts like Pokemon: a professor from the Harry Potter RPG game Hogwarts Legacy wearing the Ash Ketchum hat from Pokemon

The new Harry Potter RPG game, Hogwarts Legacy, secretly contains some very fantastic, but very tricky to find shiny beasts, including the adorable little Puffskein. So, if you’re enjoying Hogwarts Legacy early access, or looking ahead to the full release date, you can break up classes and quests by going all Pokemon trainer.

We already know the locations of all the Hogwarts Legacy beasts, but it turns out, if you hunt a bit further, each one has a shiny variant that you can add to your collection and take care of in your own Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement.

From Puffskeins to Graphorns and Fwoopers, the shiny versions of each Hogwarts Legacy beast are reportedly tricky to find, but they are out there, so long as you keep hunting around the school of witchcraft and wizardry and the nearby village of Hogsmeade.

Hogwarts Legacy has shiny beasts like Pokemon: the beast index from Harry Potter RPG game Hogwarts Legacy showing a shiny Puffskein

Once you’ve caught them, they’re added to your personal vivarium where you can feed and play with them, a good way to unwind after a long day learning all those Hogwarts Legacy spells. So, if you want to be the very best (witch or wizard) like no-one ever was, pull on your baseball cap and head out into the world of Hogwarts Legacy to round up these hidden shiny critters.

Twitter user ‘JayCrotty’ shares an image of a shiny Puffskein, which glows bright yellow and has a special symbol in its bestiary index. They also show footage of capturing the adorable little critter. At the moment, it doesn’t seem like the shiny variants have any special properties compared to the standard beasts, but they offer another reason to go exploring the Hogwarts Legacy map to see if you can catch ‘em all.

Alternatively, you might want to get to know all the Hogwarts Legacy characters, or familiarise yourself with the full list of Hogwarts Legacy challenges, so you know what you’re up against once the game hits its full global launch.

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