All Hogwarts Legacy beasts and where to find them

Everything you need to learn about Hogwarts Legacy beasts, including how to take care of these fantastic beasts and where to find them.

Hogwarts Legacy beasts - a wizard is stroking a Graphorn.

Want to know about all of the Hogwarts Legacy beasts? If you’ve seen trailers for the latest game in the Harry Potter universe, chances are you’ve seen some of the many magical creatures you can give a peaceful home to. Creatures as small as a Niffler, or as tall as the Graphorn, can have a chance to escape the harsh realities of the outside world and live in peace.

Accessed via the Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement, the Vivarium is a serene garden where you can keep some of these fantastic beasts as pets. It’s just one of the many places you can explore in Hogwarts Legacy, an open-world game with the potential to be one of the best PC games this year. Depending on which house you are sorted into, you can access one of the many Hogwarts Legacy common rooms to chill out and relax after hours of playing the main campaign. However, nothing is more relaxing than playing ball with an adorable Mooncalf, so we encourage you to spend some time taking care of these fantastic beasts.

Hogwarts Legacy beasts - a wizard is grooming a Kneazle, a cat-like creature, with magic. They are in a peaceful garden.

Hogwarts Legacy beast list

While there are lots of monsters in the Harry Potter universe, we’ve so far only seen a few of them inside the Room of Requirement’s safe haven. Here is every Hogwarts Legacy beast you can tame and bring to the Vivarium:

  • Graphorn – a mountain-dwelling beast with tentacle-like appendages on its face for capturing food or tending to its young. Normally aggressive.
  • Kneazle – a mangy cat that has a very high level of intelligence. They have the uncanny ability to detect suspicious people but also bond with people they find to be loyal, protecting their homes and property.
  • Niffler – a furry creature that looks like a cross between a mole and a duck-billed platypus.
  • Mooncalf – a medium-sized blue mammal with huge eyes, these shy, nocturnal creatures perform dances in the moonlight and are responsible for crop circles.
  • Fwooper – small birds that come in four different colours. Their feathers were used for quills, and their eggs have patterns.

Those are all of the Hogwarts Legacy beasts so far. They’re far from the only thing to discover in this massive RPG game, so check out the Hogwarts Legacy map to see how big the game is and meet the Hogwarts Legacy characters who can help or hinder you on your academic journey.

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