Hogwarts Legacy troll bogeys and their locations

Hogwarts Legacy troll bogeys are some of the hardest potion ingredients to find, so we’ve made it easy for you by marking the locations of trolls in the map.

Hogwarts Legacy troll bogeys: a troll standing menacingly in front of a campfire

Are you on the hunt for Hogwarts Legacy troll bogeys? There aren’t many enemies as fearsome and dangerous as the troll in Hogwarts Legacy, and for good reason. Not only can trolls deplete your health pool in a single attack, but they’re also incredibly sturdy as they have thousands of health points compared to other minions. If you’re extremely unlucky, you may have to fight against multiple enemies at once, making troll battles very difficult.

You’ll want to avoid encounters with trolls unless you’re after precious troll bogeys to brew your own Hogwarts Legacy potions. You may also need to complete Professor Onai’s assignment which requires you to collect troll bogeys, forcing you to defeat a troll in the wild. Getting into a fight with a troll in Hogwarts Legacy is a guaranteed way to collect some viscous mucus, so we’ve highlighted locations in the open-world game where you can find troll bogeys.

Hogwarts Legacy troll bogeys: a Slytherin student standing in front of a pile of troll bogeys on tall grass

Hogwarts Legacy troll bogey locations

Though encounters with trolls may seem random, they’re actually guaranteed to spawn at certain locations on the Hogwarts Legacy map. If you’ve been working alongside Sebastian Sellow to unlock Hogwarts Legacy unforgivable curses, there’s a good chance you have explored the Feldcroft Region. We highly recommend flying around on your Hogwarts Legacy broom to unlock all of the Floo Flame locations in this region beforehand.

Unlocking the Floo Flames around Feldcroft reveals all of the icons in this region on the map, including the Troll Lair icon which is precisely where you can find these huge monsters. You’ll know you’ve reached the right location if you can spot a large tent-like structure made from old trees. Troll Lairs contain a hidden chest inside the troll’s tent, but you might have trouble reaching it unless you clear the area first.

Feldcroft isn’t the only place to find Troll Lairs, in fact, they’re dotted all around the map if you look hard enough. We recommend exploring Feldcroft first as there’s a strong chance you may have visited this area already and it’s close to Hogwarts Castle. Feel free to fly out to other locations, just be sure to tag every Floo Flame in each area to reveal all of the icons in each region.

Hogwarts Legacy potions: J. Pippin's Potion shop showing off his inventory

Where to buy Hogwarts Legacy troll bogeys

If you don’t need to defeat a troll for Professor Onai, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by purchasing troll bogeys directly from J. Pippin’s Potions shop in Hogsmeade. There’s only a finite amount of troll bogeys in stock though, so you may not want to clear out the owner’s store unless you desperately need to make some invisibility potions. Troll bogeys will set you back 100 Galleons, but that’s a small price to pay to avoid having to slay a troll.

That’s everything you need to collect troll bogeys in Hogwarts Legacy. If you’re looking for essential main quest items, we can help you acquire a Hogwarts Legacy Mandrake for Professor Garlick. You’re also going to need the famous Wingadrium Leviosa spell, this requires you to take a trip to the Hogwarts Legacy Dogweed and Deathcap location to pick up some important ingredients. And if you’re looking for a completely new experience, our best PC games list has everything you need to keep you entertained for months on end.

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