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Hogwarts Legacy update lets you finally Take the Biscuit

A Hogwarts Legacy update includes numerous bug fixes for the Harry Potter RPG, including one stopping players rescuing a Mooncalf in the Take the Biscuit quest.

Hogwarts Legacy - Garnuff, a goblin looking for his lost companion

There’s a new Hogwarts Legacy update packed with bug fixes and minor updates, meaning that if you’re currently stuck on a quest in the Harry Potter RPG game due to a progression bug then you might well be in luck. Among the patch notes for this latest update are a fix allowing you to rescue Biscuit, the adorable Mooncalf in the Take the Biscuit quest, one addressing players stuck in Astronomy class, and several bugs relating to other Hogwarts Legacy quests.

The Hogwarts Legacy Take the Biscuit quest sees you tasked by a concerned goblin called Garnuff to rescue his faithful Mooncalf, Biscuit. She’s been grabbed by bandits and locked up in a camp nearby – but players who had already unlocked the cage prior to beginning the quest were unable to save the poor creature. Thankfully, that’s now been fixed, meaning you should be able to rescue Biscuit as intended.

Among the other key fixes are ones in the Follow the Butterflies quest, where you could lose access to certain butterflies if you opened the wrong chests first, or if you died part way through the mission. There’s also a fix for Astronomy class, where players looking at the telescope got stuck on a screen telling them to focus. Madam Kogawa should no longer go missing from her desk during related quests, either.

Alongside these are several other bug fixes, including ones associated to Hogwarts Legacy broom flight, stability and performance improvements, a resolution of vendors not working correctly after certain game saves, and a large number of crash fixes. You can read the full list of bug fixes and optimisations below.

Hogwarts Legacy update - Professor Garlick makes an excited face

Hogwarts Legacy patch notes – March 8, build 1126182

Here are the Hogwarts Legacy patch notes for March 8, 2023:

Online account fixes

  • Improved player account network registration and tracking.
  • Fixed DLC related issues during pause menu, gear menu.
  • Fixed DLC flying mount inventory issue potentially disappearing during a mission.

Mission fixes

  • Fixed blocker issue when unlocking the bandit camp cage before starting the mission.
  • Fixed not being able to complete a quest during a specific conversation with Madam Kogawa missing from her desk.
  • Fixed avatar getting stuck between barrel and furnace by jumping or opening tool wheel.
  • Fixed a duplication collision next to one of the store entrances.
  • Fixed issue with waypoints being in the air instead of the ground within Hogsmeade.
  • Fixed objective maker being over Fig properly after waiting period.
  • Fixed missing exit prompt on some doors within Hogwarts.
  • Fixed opening butterfly chests other than the intended ones for a quest doesn’t count toward mission progression.
  • Fixed butterflies to not appearing at the specified area to progress the mission again.
  • Fixed incorrect merge mission progression.
  • Fixed stability issue in the Spoons in the Potion’s classroom.
  • Fixed stars being present when focusing telescope during Astronomy class on low settings.
  • Fixed stars brightness and pop issues with Astronomy mini-games.
  • Fixed shields not displaying correctly during Crossing Wands missions.

Broom flight fixes

  • Fixed player getting trapped while mounting a broom or while rotating a statue.
  • Fixed not landing on Viaduct bridge.
  • Fixed mesh breaking when avatar mounts broom after teleporting in open area.
  • Fixed flash and shuttering when mounting any broom.

World event fixes

  • Fixed wagon carts clipping into one another while avatar is blocking them.
  • Fixed occasional respawning duplication of One Man Band in Hogsmeade.


  • Fixed issue with characters that do not have hair.

Hogwarts Legacy update - Professor Weasley makes a surprised face


Visual effect fixes

  • Fixed broom speed parameters.
  • Fixed enemy shields not displaying correctly during Cross Wands missions.
  • Fixed enemy shields disappearing after being hit several times.
  • Fixed visibility of constellations at the astronomy table.
  • Fixed Dark Wizard Extortionist AOE lightning VFX attack remaining on screen.

Audio fixes

  • Fixed audio of waterfall in the cliffside based on avatars proximity.
  • Update latest audio soundbanks.
  • Resolved localization and VO selection properly playing correctly.

UI fixes

  • Updated localization strings.
  • Fixed female avatar face appearing different from the creation preview during gameplay.
  • Fixed transition between UI purchase window and forced conversation with vendors.
  • Fixed map showing wrong path to the map chamber.
  • Fixed damaged being represented when enemy is hit with transformation and Ancient Magic Throw.
  • Improve tracking for Room of Requirement.
  • Fixed Ansel issue when FOV is set too high.
  • Fixed UI controller icons displaying correctly based on controller platform type.

Save game fixes

  • Fixed not being able to talk to Vendors during sequential saves after issue being patched.
  • Fixed streaming in and out after getting the ‘Dung Bomb’ field guide and loading a manual save.
  • Fixed an issue when turning off the title and loading an auto-save during final credits causing an infinite loading screen.
  • Fixed voice pitch setting save issue with avatar.

Display fixes

  • Resolved 32:9 aspect ratio issue when using an Ultrawide monitor.
  • Fixed Ansel issue when FOV is set too high.
  • Updated facial animations.
  • Fixed NPC treadmilling during the House Cup.
  • Fixed blurred texture and LOD pop.
  • Fixed Avatar robes appearing before Fig makes them appear before the sorting ceremony.

Performance and stability

  • Numerous crash fixes – full list at the official patch notes page.

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