Honkai Star Rail reroll guide

If you're not happy with your early rolls in Hoyoverse's anime RPG, then let us guide you through the steps of how to perform a Honkai Star Rail reroll.

Qingque squints down at a Mahjong tile emanating a gentle blue glow in her hand, presumably as she takes a similar gamble as a Honkai Star Rail reroll.

How do you perform a Honkai Star Rail reroll? Getting the best possible characters at the beginning of your journey in Honkai Star Rail can be both tricky and rewarding. If you didn’t get lucky with your initial roll after playing the tutorial, can you re-do the process and try again? Thankfully, you can, though not without exercising some patience.

The free PC game will likely go down well with Genshin Impact fans, and as with most gacha offerings out there, luck plays a major role in your ability to compose the best Honkai Star Rail team. If you’re looking to find out who to pull for, you’d be wise to check out the best units on our Honkai Star Rail tier list. After that, you might have to suck it up and go through the process of rerolling in Honkai Star Rail.

How do I reroll in Honkai Star Rail?

First off, it’s important to know when you get your first roll in Honkai Star Rail. After doing the regular shenanigans – downloading the game and creating an account – you’ll have to go through the opening cinematic, a huge story dump, and the tutorial/prologue. Once that’s done, you’ll get your first pulls in Honkai Star Rail.

Here’s how to do a Honkai Star Rail reroll:

  • Log out of your current account.
  • Create a new Honkai Star Rail account with a fresh email address.
  • Repeat the tutorial/prologue to receive your new pulls.
  • Log out and repeat the process if you don’t receive a five-star character.

Welt, a five-star Imaginary character that you might pull in a Honkai Star Rail reroll, performs his ultimate on a group of enemies, tearing through them with pink neon light.

Is it worth rerolling in Honkai Star Rail?

The time it takes to reroll in Honkai Star Rail combined with the low drop rates for five-star characters makes the whole process unnecessary for most players. If you have the time and patience to stick with it, there’s a slim chance you could start off with a top-tier character, but the reality is that your time would probably be better spent simply pulling from Honkai Star Rail banners in a normal fashion.

How long does it take to reroll in Honkai Star Rail?

According to our own tests, it takes up to an hour to reroll in Honkai Star Rail. This estimate includes setting up your account, clicking through the introduction, rolling for unlocks, then starting over again.

And that’s how to perform a Honkai Star Rail reroll. It’s a lengthy process and ultimately one that many people probably won’t find joy with, as the pull rates are incredibly low for the best five-star Honkai Star Rail characters. Instead, we recommend brushing up on how to farm free Stellar Jade and redeeming the latest codes for even more currency to spend on Warps. If you’re yet to begin your intergalactic train journey, our Honkai Star Rail review outlines what you can expect once you leave the station.