Honkai Star Rail Warps explained

Here are all the Honkai Star Rail Warps and how they work, including each banner’s reward pool, pity count, and the odds of pulling powerful characters.

Jing Yuan smirks at a small bird pecking at his burnished, leonine pauldrons, one of the more coveted characters to pull from Honkai Star Rail Warps.

Do Honkai Star Rail Warps leave you dizzy? There’s a lot to take in during the opening hours of Hoyoverse’s sci-fi adventure, and the sheer complexity of its gacha system can quickly prove overwhelming. Thankfully, we’re here to explain all the types of Honkai Star Rail Warps available, including the odds of pulling the best characters from each one.

It’s worth mentioning that you don’t have to interact with Honkai Star Rail Warps if you’d rather avoid the free PC game’s spin-to-win system altogether. There are plenty of characters you can acquire in Honkai Star Rail without initiating a single Warp – you can even reroll them if you want – but ignoring this system does mean your hard-earned free currency will inevitably go to waste. To even the odds, here’s everything you need to know about Warps just in time for the Honkai Star Rail release date.

What are Honkai Star Rail Warps?

Honkai Star Rail Warps function as the anime game’s gacha banner system, allowing you to gradually expand your roster of Honkai Star Rail characters and equip the best Light Cones as you journey across the stars. Warps require at least one Star Rail Pass or Star Rail Special Pass per pull, both of which you can purchase with Stellar Jade or Undying Starlight.

There are four types of Honkai Star Rail Warps:

  • Departure Warp
  • Regular Warps
  • Character Event Warp
  • Light Cone Event Warp

One of the Honkai Star Rail Warps featuring a pool of four-star and five-star characters, including Welt, Himeko, Bronya, and Yanqing.

Departure Warps

The Departure Warp serves as an introductory banner in the RPG game, allowing you to make up to 50 Warps before it permanently expires. However, this banner’s primary draw is its 20% discount. While Regular Warps require ten Star Rail Passes for a full stack, the Departure Warp only asks for eight. It also includes a guaranteed five-star character pull after 50 Warps, so it’s well worth clearing house with it before moving on to other Honkai Star Rail Warps.

Regular Warps

The Regular Warp is Honkai Star Rail’s permanent banner and includes a general reward pool of four-stars and above. It requires at least one Star Rail Pass to pull, though we recommend sticking to ten-stacks for a guaranteed four-star reward. In addition, the Regular Warp guarantees one five-star reward after 90 Warps, so while it doesn’t meet the same pity odds as the Departure Warp, you still have some assurance that you’ll eventually strike it big.

The Event Warp featuring Seele and her signature Light Cone on separate banners, the limited-time The Honkai Star Rail Warps in phase one of the anime game.

Event Warps

Event Warps are split into two limited-time banners: Character Event and Light Cone Event. Both include a drop-rate boost to the five-star and four-star rewards featured on their Honkai Star Rail banners. Specifically, if you manage to pull five-star rewards from either of these Event Warps, there’s a 50% chance that you receive the featured character or Light Cone. Both of these limited-time banners require at least one Star Rail Special Pass, but again, we recommend prioritising ten-stack pulls above singular pulls. What’s more, some limited-time characters are worth more than others, so check out our Honkai Star Rail tier list to ensure you’re pulling for the very best.

Now that we’ve explained how Honkai Star Rail Warps work, be sure to increase your equilibrium levels to begin ascending your top-tier characters. On a more technical note, we recommend checking out the Honkai Star Rail system requirements and if it’s compatible with Steam Deck, just in case you’re planning to take the turn-based game on the go.