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It Takes Two becomes Steam’s top seller

Stellaris' latest expansion is in second

A vertical split screen showing characters shooting explosives at a giant hornet's nest

After a couple of weeks in second place, It Takes Two has become Steam’s top selling game. The playful co-op game has been selling consistently since launch, and continues to grow in players.

Part of this success no doubt lies in the friends pass, wherein two players only need to own one copy between them to get in on the fun. In second is the new Stellaris DLC pack, Nemesis, which our Joe Robinson has lovingly dubbed as its “Star Wars expansion”. The reception is unsurprising, given our Marcello Perricone called it “perhaps the most impactful expansion released in a while” in his review.

Three other, older games are re-entering the chart: Monster Hunter: World – Iceborne, at seventh, The Forest in eighth, and Satisfactory slinks in for tenth. This makes it the first week since Valheim debuted where both of Coffee Stain Studios’ games have made the list, the Viking game moving from seventh to sixth. Forza Horizon 4 drops from third to ninth, Sea of Thieves retains fourth, and Outriders, last week’s top seller, drops to fifth.

According to Metacritic, It Takes Two is the best-reviewed game of 2021. We spoke to the director, Josef Fares, about why he’d love to see more co-operative multiplayer games.

Here’s a complete guide to Stellaris’ DLC, and a Stellaris short film is in production, scheduled to come out in June.