The best Lego Fortnite seeds

Lego Fortnite features procedurally generated, random worlds - but some of these are better than others, with more plentiful resources.

The best Lego Fortnite seeds can lead to a beautiful settlement

What are the best Lego Fortnite seeds? Where you start off in a survival crafting game like the new Lego Fortnite can be paramount to whether you make it to the advanced stages of the game or not. We’ve found some of the best Lego Fortnite seeds so you can ensure you’ve got all you need close by.

Lego Fortnite features several different biomes across the map, and you’ll want a seed that places you in easy reach of all of them, as well as plenty of caves and preferably a beach. This makes it easier to harvest materials specific to those biomes, such as flexwood or obsidian. But what are the seeds you should be using?

The best Lego Fortnite seeds

The best Lego Fortnite seeds are:

The Lego Fortnite seed for a coastal cliff village

Coastal Cliffs

Seed number: 1262866002

All Lego Fortnite seeds are built from the Grasslands outwards, but this particular seed places you in a mountainous region with a picturesque beach nearby. There’s a cave on a hill within easy reach, as well as the Frostlands area. The Dry Valley is a little bit further, but still won’t take you all day, meaning that you don’t have to worry about being overrun with skeletons at night. 

Lego Fortnite seeds: an arctic peril surrounds the grasslands

Arctic Peril

Seed number: 0776776776

Perfect for those looking for a challenge, this seed spawns you in the Grasslands with one catch – you’re surrounded by the Frostlands, meaning if you want to get anywhere you need to brave the icy peril of the mountains and snow. Be sure to stock up on peppers, you’ll need them.

Lego Fortnite seeds: all biomes nearby

Triple the Treats

Seed number: 00140120

As found by AceDelusional on X (formerly Twitter), this seed spawns you in the Grasslands by the Shores, with a Dry Valley biome on your doorstep. We’ve investigated, and the Frostlands isn’t too far away either, meaning harvesting resources will be easier than ever.

Lego fortnite seeds: an almost habitable house

Ready Made

Seed number: 287364728

If you’re worried about having enough materials to make a base, this seed spawns you right by a cottage that barely needs any repairs. Of course, repairs aren’t quite a thing in Lego Fortnite just yet, so you might have to make do with missing half a house until you upgrade your village enough to unlock the recipe. Regardless, it’s a cute little house for you to start a village with.

Lego Fortnite seeds: a corn farm

Wannabe Farmer

Seed number: 384729384

If you’re looking to start a burgeoning career as a farmer, this seed is perfect. In our time playing, we’ve never come across a field with so much corn in one place, making this the ideal spot to start a ranch with a few animals, crops, and a log farmhouse to while away the days. To make it even better, you’re surrounded by water making it very picturesque.

Those are the best Lego Fortnite seeds we’ve found during our time with the game so far. If you’re looking to adventure further, we’ve also got all you need to know about the best Lego Fortnite weapons and how to craft them, as well as how to find Lego Fortnite marble for those trickier builds.