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Lies of P voice actors and cast list

The Lies of P cast list comprises voice actors across TV, film, and games, including souls-likes and children’s shows, to bring Neowiz’s dark fairytale to life.

Lies of P voice actors and cast list: Pinocchio, the voiceless protagonist puppet in Neowiz's dark fairytale soulslike, blocks an attack with his mechanical legion arm.

Who is in the Lies of P cast? The cast list for this robot reimagining of Pinocchio is a veritable embarrassment of riches. There’s a lot of voice talent to discover here, and you’re all but guaranteed to hear a familiar voice from television, films, and videogames as you become acquainted with the citizens of Krat.

Several Lies of P voice actors have already lent their voices to staple soulslike games, while others have appeared in beloved TV franchises. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait for the credits to roll to put a voice to a name – we’ve got the full Lies of P cast list right here. Of course, we’ve also got details on Lies of P’s length if you’re wondering how long it’ll take you to view the credits for yourself.

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Who are the Lies of P voice actors?

Here are the Lies of P voice actors:

  • Alidoro – Henry Lloyd-Hughes
  • Antonia – Annette Badland
  • Arlecchino – Joseph Balderrama
  • Black Rabbit Brotherhood Battle Maniac – Gregg Lowe
  • Black Rabbit Brotherhood Eccentric – Connor Finch
  • Black Rabbit Brotherhood Youngest – Charlie Cameron
  • Cecile – Charlie Cameron
  • Claudia the Fox – Chloe Claudel
  • Eugénie – Sofia Jin
  • Gemini – Rasmus Hardiker
  • Giangio – Joe Pitts
  • Guiseppe Geppetto – Anthony Howell
  • Lorenzini Venigni – Shai Matheson
  • Lucio the Cat – Islam Bouakkaz
  • Polendia – Alex Waldmann
  • Pulcinella – Peter Davison
  • Rasmus Hardiker – Matt Rippy
  • Robbie Weasel – Charlie Cameron
  • Romeo – Chase Brown
  • Sophia Monad – Allegra Marland
  • Test Subject 826 – Connor Finch

The Blue Fairy, otherwise known as Sophia, as voiced by Allegra Marland from the Lies of P voice actors and cast list.

Allegra Marland

Allegra Marland is Lies of P’s equivalent of the Blue Fairy, and can help Pinocchio grow in strength – so suffice it to say, you’ll be hearing her voice a lot. Marland is most known for her performance as Carolyn Pride in The Crown, though she’s also appeared in Goodbye Christopher Robin and Father Brown. Marland is also no stranger to soulslikes, having previously lent her voice to Millicent in Elden Ring, the NPC suffering with Scarlet Rot in Caelid.

Geppetto, as voiced by Anthony Howell from the Lies of P voice actors and cast list.

Anthony Howell

Anthony Howell is a prolific videogame voice actor, with roles in Final Fantasy XVI, Diablo 4, World of Warcraft, Alien Isolation, and more. He also joins Allegra Marland as a FromSoftware alumni, having voiced Margit and Morgott in Elden Ring. Setting aside his extensive work in videogames, he’s also appeared in TV shows like Foyle’s War and Luther, and has taken to the stage for a National Theatre production of King Lear. All in all, we’d say he’s more than qualified to assume the role of Geppetto in Lies of P.

Rasmus Hardiker

Pinocchio wouldn’t be Pinocchio without a trusty cricket to guide the way, and Hardiker assumes the role of Lies of P’s robot equivalent. It’s a dramatic shift from his recent stint as a voice actor for a range of children’s shows, though he’s also displayed his range in a number of TV shows and films, including Starter for Ten and Cockneys vs Zombies.

Antonia, as voiced by Annette Badland from the Lies of P voice actors and cast list.

Annette Badland

Annette Badland has a prolific career in film and television, including Bergerac, Midsomer Murders, and EastEnders. Doctor Who fans might also recognize her as Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen during Christopher Eccleston’s run. However, her stint as Hotel Krat’s enigmatic owner isn’t her first foray into the world of videogame voice acting; she also lent her voice to various NPCs in Diablo 4 earlier this year.

Eugenie, as voiced by Sofia Jin from the Lies of P voice actors and cast list.

Sofia Jin

Sofia Jin lends her voice to Eugénie, Hotel Krat’s enterprising craftswoman – and your first port of call if you’re looking to switch out Lies of P legion arms. This may be Jin’s first voice acting role in games, but she has a seasoned background as a presenter and documentarian.

Peter Davison

Peter Davison doesn’t have a major role in Lies of P, but his involvement in the action-adventure game will be a welcome surprise to any Doctor Who fans out there. He’s most known for his performance as the sprightly Fifth Doctor – though we can’t forget his turn as Yorkshire vet Tristan Farnon in All Creatures Great and Small back in the day.

Now that you’re all caught up on the Lies of P voice actors, be sure to keep this cast list to hand while you explore the city of Krat. Our Lies of P bosses guide is also indispensable for reaching the end credits in one piece, as are the best Lies of P amulets. If you’re struggling to overcome a mechanical menace, then farming Lies of P Star Fragments or Lies of P Quartz is your best bet.