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How to get all Lords of the Fallen endings

Learn all the criteria to get all of the Lords of the Fallen endings and any significant changes to any boss fights and unlockables for finishing the RPG game.

A women wearing a flower crown in the middle of a lush field., which is part of one of the Lords of the Fallen endings.

How do you get all Lords of the Fallen endings? With a total of three different paths to walk down, you actually lock yourself into one of them relatively early on in the game, so if you wish to avoid sealing your fate, you need to ensure that you don’t immediately go with your gut instincts. Doing so will get you some exclusive classes for your next run.

Our Lords of the Fallen review alluded to the fact there are several endings with specific conditions, so what do you need to do to get them? Well, aside from beating some very tough Lords of the Fallen bosses, you need to follow some specific instructions when interacting with NPCs, picking up a certain rune, and other key items in the RPG game. If you don’t want to lock yourself into the default Lords of the Fallen finale, here are some instructions on what to do and what you get for completing the game with said endings.

Lords of the Fallen endings

Here is how you can get all three Lords of the Fallen endings, how to get them, and what earning them gets you as a reward for your next Lords of the Fallen new game plus playthrough.

A scene from the Radiance Lords of the Fallen endings, with a giant demon disintegrating from its core.

Radiance ending

There are five Lords of the Fallen beacons that you can light up. When you select the option to light the first beacon, you will lock yourself into the Radiance ending. The game will otherwise continue on as normal until you get to Bramis Castle. Here, you’ll have a fight against The Iron Wayfarer, who you must defeat to open the gates. You’ll also have an optional boss fight against Damarose the Marked who, if she’s still alive, will block your route to the throne room. Finally, the end of Bramis Castle will conclude in fights against The Sundered Monarch and Adyr the Bereft Exile, which you must win to get the Radiance ending.

Upon getting the Radiance ending, you’ll receive a new starting class: the Radiant Purifier, as well as access to the new game plus mode if you don’t already have it, and the In Light We Walk achievement.

A girl with a flower wreath with slightly bloodshot eyes is part of one of the Lords of the Fallen endings.

Inferno ending

Unlike the Radiance ending, when you get the prompt by interacting with the beacons, select the option not to light the beacon. Also, make sure that when you get to the main chapel in the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters, you pick up the Rune of Adyr and trigger the Rapturous Huntress of the Dusk boss fight. After this, if The Iron Wayfarer still lives, he’ll be outside Bramis Castle. Defeating him will allow you to reclaim the Rune of Adyr. Upon the opening of the gates, the Dark Crusader Rosary will be broken in your inventory.

Continue through Bramis Castle and defeat The Sundered Monarch to find the Effigy of Adyr. This will transform your Rune of Adyr into the Empowered Rune of Adyr. From this point, you need to use this newly ignited rune to “light” the five beacons, with the last one being the one at the top of the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters. If you’ve already defeated Judge Cleric, The Radiant Sentinel, you’ll now be able to interact with her, enter her mind, and meet Iselle. Use the Empowered Rune of Adyr to begin the Inferno ending.

Your rewards for getting the Inferno ending are a new starting class – the Lord, and new game plus mode if you’ve not unlocked it already. You’ll also get the Lord of the Risen achievement.

A whole bunch of creepy eyes with teeth, who will see during the Umbral Lords of the Fallen endings.

Umbral ending

This is, by far, the most difficult Lords of the Fallen ending to get. Your first objective is to defeat the Harrower Dervla, The Pledged Knight, and The Unbroken Promise boss fight, which you can find by delving deep into the mines and going through Revelation Depths. This is a tough boss fight, similar to the Twin Princes from Dark Souls 3.

After this boss dies, head back to Skyrest Bridge and go into the Umbral to talk to Molhu. Buy the Scouring Clump for 1,000 vigor and return to the Harrower Dervla boss arena in the mines. Use the Scouring Clump with the pedestal in this arena to warp to the Mother’s Lull.

From this point on, you’ll be traversing back and forth between Mother’s Lull and a target’s location to permanently kill them in this playthrough. Find the non-hostile Remnant to acquire Damarose’s Seedpod, then go to Pilgrim’s Perch and find Damarose before using the Seedpod to kill her. Return to Mother’s Lull after doing this and get Gerlinde’s Seedpod from the next non-hostile Remnant. She should be at Skyrest at the forge, but killing her will lock you out of upgrading Lords of the Fallen weapons.

Continue through the game until you defeat The Lightreaper in Upper Calrath. Ensure you extract The Lightreaper’s Umbral Parasite from the entity in the arena. Return to Skyrest Bridge and place the parasite you just got into the column in Molhu’s room, where there’s an open slot. This will unlock the next set of targets, so go back to Mother’s Lull and get Melchior’s Seedpod from the Remnant here.

Return to the main chapel in the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters location, and grab the Rune of Adyr here to trigger the Rapturous Huntress of the Dusk boss fight. If The Iron Wayfarer pinches the rune from you, beat him at Bramis Castle gates to get it back. Once it’s in your possession, go back to Mother’s Lull and give it to the non-hostile Remnant to get a Withered Rune of Adyr.

Proceed through Bramis Castle and kill The Sundered monarch. Here, you’ll find the Effigy of Adyr, which, upon interacting with it, will show Melchior’s body. Use the Seedpod you collected earlier to kill him for good.

A faceless angel with black wings is a unique boss found during the Umbral Lords of the Fallen endings.

Your next task is to head into the Fief of the Chill Curse. Inside the Umbral Realm, you’ll find The Iron Wayfarer, who you can interact with and kill using the Withered Rune of Adyr. This gives you Harkyn’s Umbral Parasite. Return to Skyrest Bridge and insert this parasite into the newly opened slot in a column in Molhu’s room. Speak to Molhu to learn who your final target is.

As it turns out, she’s a lot closer than the others. Prepare for a tough boss fight before speaking to Pieta in Skyrest Bridge. Choose to Soulflay her, and she’ll transport you to a boss arena, where you’ll fight against her true form: Elianne the Starved. After she dies, make sure to get the Umbral Parasite and bring it back with you. Place this final parasite in the column with the free slot before talking to Molhu and requesting to enter Mother’s Lull again. Climb to the top of the platforms and reach the end to get this ending. In addition to the new game plus and the Back to the Void achievement, you’ll also unlock the power Putrid Child class.

And that’s how you get all three Lords of the Fallen endings. Taking some of these bosses on might be a bit easier in Lords of the Fallen multiplayer, and if you’re still struggling, these are the best Lords of the Fallen farm spots to get some extra vigor.