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Minecraft camel - how to find and tame the desert mob

You can finally get your very own Minecraft camel in the 1.20 update, and the new mob is going to be a gamechanger for cross-world travel.

Minecraft camel: two Minecraft camels in front of a sunset

How do you tame a Minecraft camel? You might think camels have very little to offer when there are existing rideable Minecraft mobs like the horse and llama. You’d be wrong: there’s more to this hump-backed mammal than you think.

This cute Minecraft mob adds character to the game’s deserts and badlands, previously among the least-developed Minecraft biomes. Appropriately, as we mention below, the new mob has some great mechanics for adventuring across these sparse lands. The Minecraft camel also has an adorable standing animation, reflecting its real-world movement, and aids as a representation for Minecraft players around the world.

Several Minecraft camels are hanging out in the desert.

Where to find a Minecraft camel

Minecraft camels can be found around villages in desert biomes only. 

Only one camel spawns per village and they can wander off, so try to find a Minecraft saddle before heading into the first Minecraft desert you see. Or at least have a lead to hand. To breed your own caravan of camels, you need two parents (we haven’t got time to go through the birds and the bees), so you must find at least two desert villages before you can even consider it.

A Minecraft camel is approaching badlands ravine.

How to breed Minecraft camels

To breed two adult Minecraft camels, feel them both a block of cactus, causing them to enter love mode.

As with other baby mobs, feeding a cactus to a baby camel causes it to grow up faster. This gives the previously limited block a useful purpose, so it might be worth getting a Minecraft farm going to grow as much cactus as possible.

How to tame and ride a Minecraft camel

You cannot technically tame a Minecraft camel, but you can place a saddle on one to control its movement. You can also use a lead or hold a cactus block to get a camel to follow you.

You might find that you can mount a camel without a saddle, but you won’t be able to control the direction is wanders in. Hold a saddle in your main hand and use it on the camel to saddle up and head out into the open desert. As the camel is not tame and can wander off, it might be a good idea to carry a lead as well, so you can tie your camel to a nearby post if you need to go off on foot.

Minecraft camel multiplayer and combat: two players kill a zombie while riding a camel

Minecraft camel behaviour


One feature of the camel is its ability to dash over large gaps. This is what makes the cute mob perfect for crossing large expanses, as you might have noticed horses don’t cope well with rivers or ravines. By pressing the jump button while riding your camel, the dash bar will fill. Let go at the right moment (in the gold area) to dash furthest, though missing this will still cause the camel to dash a shorter distance.

Dual saddle

As well as their ability to clear gaps, the Minecraft camel has another exciting new use – multiplayer travel. Boats can carry two players along wide, open seas, but before now, there has been no way for two players to journey together on land – apart from on separate horses. Now, you and a friend can mount one of these large creatures, explore, and even battle together.

Protection from hostile mobs

You may have noticed that the camel is considerably bigger than the majority of other Minecraft mobs – well, this is no accident. In fact, this is another very intentional feature which puts the camel head and shoulders above other rideable mobs. When you are riding atop your camel friend, zombies and other non-ranged hostile mobs cannot reach you to deal damage. Of course you can still be blown up by a creeper or shot by a skeleton, but it helps.

All mobs that cannot attack you atop a camel:

  • Endermites
  • Hoglins
  • Piglins
  • Silverfish
  • Vindicators
  • Zombies


That’s everything you need to know about Minecraft camels. Other features from the Tales and Trails update include Minecraft Sniffers, whose eggs you can find on suspicious sand blocks. You can also find the new Minecraft cherry blossom biome if you want bright pink wood. You can start exploring some of the best Minecraft seeds for deserts and badlands if you want to find some camels and find some nice, long stretches of land for taking your new friend for a run. Finally, discover Minecraft hosting, so you and your friends can explore the camel’s multiplayer benefits.