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Minecraft penguin mob vote guide

Penguins have been a long sought after Minecraft mob, so the Minecraft penguin could just topple the other two Minecraft Live mob vote options and win.

Tiny Anges is on a ship flanked by two Minecraft Penguins, a new option for the mob vote 2023.

October 15, 2023 The vote is now over, and, sadly, the Penguin won’t be coming to Minecraft just yet. We never know what the future might hold for this super swimmer, though.

What is the Minecraft penguin? Revealed on October 5, 2023, the Minecraft penguin could be one of the next mobs added to Minecraft thanks to the Minecraft Live mob vote 2023. If you’ve never seen Minecraft Live before, then a little introduction – the mob vote is one of the most exciting features of the annual livestream, in which you can vote for one of three new mob designs to be worked on for the game.

Previous Minecraft mobs added to the game based on viewer votes include the terrifying Minecraft Phantom, the illuminating Minecraft glow squid and the adorable Minecraft allay. There is a strange history of blue mobs winning the Minecraft mob vote, so perhaps the penguin is doomed and the blue and pink Minecraft crab is already our winner. That said, a penguin has been a long-requested addition to the game, so if you don’t want that to happen, here’s what you need to know about what the Minecraft penguin brings to the table and how to vote for it.

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Minecraft penguin details


The insanely cute Minecraft penguins and their smaller babies seem to be based on the Rockhopper penguin, with fancy yellow ‘eyebrows’. We know from the reveal video that there are also baby penguins, but how they are born (or, most true to life, hatch) is yet to be revealed.


The incredibly friendly Minecraft penguin would live on the Stony Shore biome, and gladly comes to say hello to passers by. It seems they might work in a similar way to dolphins, but luckily they live if they find their way one land – they’re just a bit clumsier than they are in water.

New mechanics

All we have been told so far is that the Minecraft penguin can help your boat move faster through water, much like the dolphin does to your swimming speed with its Dolphin’s Grace status effect.

How to vote for the penguin

The Minecraft Live mob vote opens up earlier than ever this year, 48 hours before the Minecraft Live broadcast takes place. If you want to vote for the penguin, then take a look at our full guide on how to vote in the Minecraft Live mob vote, which gives you the exact dates and times, as well as all the places you can cast your vote.

As ever, we can’t wait for the 2023 Minecraft Live mob vote, but we are struggling to choose which to vote for… You might already have settled on the Minecraft penguin, but if you’re like us you need all the help you can get, so familiarize yourself with all the current mobs in-game including the newest additions, the Minecraft Sniffer, last year’s winner, and the Minecraft camel, which added a much-needed mob to the desert biome.