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Minecraft crab mob vote guide

The Minecraft crab is one of the three mobs that we get to choose from in this year’s mob vote, so here’s just why you might want a cute crab in Minecraft.

Tiny Vu stands underwater with two Minecraft crabs beside him.

October 15, 2023 Sadly, the Crab just lost out to the Minecraft Armadillo, but don’t fear, we could see the Crab in Minecraft one day…

What is the Minecraft crab? Announced on October 3, 2023, the Minecraft crab is the first of the three Minecraft Live mob vote designs up for your vote in this year’s broadcast. If you’ve never seen Minecraft Live before, then you should know that the mob vote is one of the most exciting features of the livestream, in which you can help decide the next mob to be added to Minecraft.

Minecraft mobs are just one of the many things that we love about the sandbox game – they keep you alive, provide valuable resources, and just look super cute. There are more mobs, creatures, and pets in Minecraft than you can shake a stick at already, but there’s always room for more. Thanks to the annual Minecraft Live broadcast, you can even help choose the next adorable (or scary) addition, and the first choice is the cute crab.

Minecraft crab details


From what we’ve seen of the Minecraft crab so far, this cute critter has a blue body and crab-colored claws. If the video of Tiny Vu checking out the crabs for the first time is reliable, the crab also looks like it would be a pretty small mob.


Naturally, the Minecraft crab lives on the beach and underwater, but specifically in Mangrove swamps, adding a cute friend for the Minecraft frogs that already live there.

New mechanics

Every new Minecraft Live mob vote mob that wants to come to the building game comes with a brand-new mechanic. The crab is no different, and is a great option for those Minecraft builders out there. If you’ve ever created a huge, magnificent Minecraft build, it’s likely you’ve experienced the struggle placing blocks further away from you. With the Minecraft crab, that is no longer as issue, as the crab claw item helps you place blocks further away.

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How to vote for the crab

The Minecraft Live mob vote opens up earlier than ever this year, 48 hours before the Minecraft Live broadcast takes place. If you want to vote for the crab, then take a look at our full guide on how to vote in the Minecraft Live mob vote, which gives you the exact dates and times, as well as all the places you can cast your vote.

Now you know all about the first mob vote option, the Minecraft crab, make sure you know how to watch Minecraft Live to see the result as it’s announced. You also need to know who else is vying for your vote, so take a look at the Minecraft armadillo and the Minecraft penguin. If you’re interested in the mobs which have won previously, check out the pretty Minecraft Glow Squid, the adorable Minecraft Allay, and the terrifying Minecraft Phantom… let’s not another one of those, please.