Minecraft mob vote gets the fan treatment in this video

The Minecraft mob vote is a great chance to influence the future of the sandbox game, but this one's fake and absurd and made for YouTube

Minecraft mob vote gets the YouTube treatment. This image shows some cute pandas and some vote banners.

The Minecraft mob vote is later this week, and while it’s a cool chance to change how the sandbox game will be changing as time goes on, it’s also just fun to see new Minecraft mobs. In fact, it’s so much fun to see new mobs that one YouTuber went ahead and just made their own version.

The official Minecraft mob vote is a chance for players to pick whether they want the adorable sniffer, the mischievous rascal, or the somewhat unsettling tuff golem in their game. A little bit of fan involvement is a nice way to help people feel like they’re an integral part of any game’s development, and we’re here for it. However, that’s not what we’re writing about today. Well, at least not entirely.

Today we’re writing about the latest SystemZee video where they decide to make four new mobs and then figure out which one gets to stay in the game. Sure, it’s all unofficial, but sometimes the best things are. The four options are a terrifying take on the Piglins, a support golem that’s very small and cute, a boat mech suit, and some flies. They can’t all be winners, and we really don’t like the idea of flies in Minecraft.

YouTube Thumbnail

It’s all incredibly silly, and we’re not sure who we’d vote for if we actually got the chance, but the boat mech suit definitely has a certain level of flair. Our descriptions of them all don’t really do everything justice, so make sure you watch the video and have a think about which one you’d like to see in official Minecraft.

Do you know what helps us think? Hunting for Minecraft copper and learning all about its uses. We think even better when we’re contemplating Minecraft diamonds too. We’re not sure why, and it’s best to not go too deep on these things either.