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Minecraft mod lets you watch videos on a bookshelf instead of your TV

This Minecraft mod lets you watch any animations you want in the sandbox game, and all you have to do is sit down in front of a bookshelf

Minecraft mod lets you watch videos on a bookshelf instead of your TV. This image shows Steve and Alex together.

Some Minecraft mods are about upgrading or tweaking the player experience to make it as enjoyable or user-friendly as possible. There are a lot of mods in this sandbox game that are more for entertainment than anything else though, and that’s definitely the case with this one.

The sheer breadth of things you can accomplish in Minecraft is staggering, and that’s even without having to use mods. The best Minecraft builds might take a while, but you’d be able to do them with nothing else if you took enough time to do so. Minecraft mods just change things up a bit by adding in even more options, like this Breath of the Wild mod that adds in new enemies and abilities.

The Chiselled Bookshelf Animations pack is different though, because it serves no real purpose outside of just being somewhat impressive. It’s worth noting that this only works with Minecraft snapshot 22w46a while the Minecraft 1.20 features are enabled. As long as that’s all good to go, you can use chiselled bookshelves to play videos.

I created a python script that can turn any video file into a Minecraft animation using the new chiseled bookshelves and datapacks. Enjoy! from Minecraft

Just in case you’re not familiar, the video being played here is Bad Apple!! which is a dance song from a series called Touhou. It’s something of a meme, so you might have seen it elsewhere without knowing what it was. You’ll need to install a few other python packages to make this all work, but it’s all detailed on the Github page itself.

If you’re all done with animations and old memes, then maybe your next task should be building one of the coolest Minecraft house ideas we have. You could also take a look at the best Minecraft tower designs too, and then leave feeling all inspired.