Minecraft sales hit the 200 million mark – and 126 million players per month

Minecraft's had a very good year

Minecraft Steve strides boldly through the grass with his dog at his side, pursued by aggressive mobs and farm animals, in one of the best survival games, Minecraft.

Minecraft has turned 11 whole years old. To mark the milestone, the sandbox game’s developer Mojang has overhauled its brand, with a new logo, trailer, and even an updated name: Mojang Studios. In addition, it’s also shared some staggering figures on how many units the game’s sold to-date, and how many players dive into the iconic block builder each and every month – and they’re into the hundreds of millions.

Mojang studio head, Helen Chiang, takes a look back at the last year in a blog post on Microsoft’s site, concluding that it’s “been an incredible year for Minecraft”. Along with the rollout of Minecraft Earth around the world, the release of the Minecraft Nvidia RTX update beta, and “closing out 2019 as the most viewed game on YouTube“, Chiang explains the open-world game’s also shifted an enormous number of copies.

“We are humbled that there have now been more than 200 million copies of Minecraft sold to date,” she says – and “126 million people are now playing Minecraft every month.”


In case you’re keeping count, this time last year – on Minecraft’s tenth birthday – Mojang Studios announced the game had sold 176 million copies at that time. That means in the last year alone, the game’s seen an eye watering 24 million more copies sold. Phwoar.

We can expect to see even more Minecraft very soon, too, with the Minecraft Dungeons release date just around the corner. The dungeon crawling action-RPG game’s launch date is set for May 26, 2020 – so you’ve only got one more week to wait if you’re mad for Minecraft and eagerly awaiting the next game in its universe.

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