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Minecraft secret command has some hilarious effects

This Minecraft secret command gets a lot of use by this YouTuber as they use the sandbox game to mess around with the player character

A Minecraft secret command is very silly. This image shows some pandas just chilling.

A Minecraft secret command sounds like the kind of thing you’d uncover in the best Minecraft mods, but nope, this one just so happens to be only usable in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, which is why a fair few people might not have ever seen it.

Minecraft console commands can allow you to do a lot of things from locating specific biomes to controlling the weather itself. However, there are also some that are a little more esoteric, and the PlayAnimation command allows you to see how different animations look. They can also be applied to the player character and other Minecraft mobs, even if that’s not meant to be the case.

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Of course, with anything that can be applied to a command block, the only logical YouTuber for the job is Mysticat. You’ll likely already know Mysticat if you’re a PCGamesN fan, because we’ve written about their antics a few times, including when they created their own version of Crossy Road without using mods.

This Mysticat video is entirely focused on them finding this secret command though, and the absurd effects it can have on the player model and other entities. There are a lot of highlights in the video, but the clear frontrunner is the absolute unit of a frog that Mysticat creates. We’re just a sucker for Minecraft frogs, so making them bigger can only be a good thing.

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