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Where to find New World briar branches

Complete your starter quests by finding briar branches in New World

A player standing in front of a briar plant in New World

Trying to find New World briar branches? The magical island of Aeternum is home to unusual monsters and strange inhabitants. Some of these inhabitants give out quests asking for very specific items; in this case we need to find briar branches. If you aren’t careful, you may spend most of your time wandering aimlessly as some resources can only be found in specific locations. Once you know where to look, you’ll be swimming in briar branches.

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The briar plants drop numerous items, including briar branches, thorny vines, buds, and firefly bait. Let’s not beat around the briar bush – here’s where to find briar branches in New World.


Briar plants are typically found close to water – we’ve had a lot of luck finding briar bushes along rivers. Unlike regular plants, the briar bush doesn’t have green leaves. You’re looking for a bush that resembles a cluster of thick, spiky weeds. You don’t need to bring any tools with you -simply hold E to rip the plant directly from the ground.

  • Briar branches – a quest item needed to make No Confidence Stew
  • Briar buds – an alchemy magical material used in crafting
  • Firefly bait – acts as fishing bait, increases your chances of catching better fish while fishing in New World
  • Thorny vines – an alchemy offensive material used in crafting

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