Overwatch Ramattra abilities include an eight second Nemesis form

A Blizzard event in Korea has revealed a breakdown of all the Overwatch 2 Ramattra abilities ahead of the tank's season 2 launch in December

Want to know more about the abilities of Overwatch 2 hero Ramattra? Well Blizzard was present at a meet and greet in Korea recently and revealed what we can expect when the Omnic tank launches in the FPS game with season 2. While these abilities are still subject to change, Ramattra isn’t long off the multiplayer game so it’s likely that the basis of what we have here is how you’ll be playing the tank when he launches, with Overwatch 2 hero 37 set to be a support after him in season 4.

With all this new information, it’s worth noting that any and all ability names have been translated from Korean, so they will likely end up being slightly different when Ramattra releases next season. Despite having all the below info we also don’t know exactly how Ramattra will actually play, as seeing it all on paper is different to trying him out in the heat of a match, so I wouldn’t get too worried yet.

The main thing here is that Ramattra can’t keep his Nemesis form – where he transforms into a bigger version of himself with more power – for as long as he wants, with the ability actually on an eight second time limit. When in Nemesis form though Overwatch 2 character Ramattra will have different attack style and a HP increase from 450 to 600, with his left click being a punch that produces a shockwave that can pierce enemies and a right click that reduces his speed but has him take less damage. This comes with an increase in size for the tank, making him more of a protective wall, and target, for his team.

So the Nemesis form seems to be all about timing then, as you’ll need to know the absolute best time to use it most effectively and how to set it up with the Omnic form as well.

In Omnic form, Ramattra’s left click fires projectiles of a fixed form, while his right click will place a shield in a fixed spot. His E ability will shoot a nanosphere that explodes when touching a surface, creating a force field that deals damage that also slows enemies and pull them down as well.

Last up is Ramattra’s ultimate, in which he transforms into his Nemesis form and creates an energy field around himself, with any opponents inside getting constant damage.

If you want to dig into Ramattra’s Overwatch 2 abilities a little bit more, the Reddit post breaking them down has more to say, alongside the original transcription of the discussion in Korea from Inven.

While you wait for Ramattra to arrive, many players have said that the way he’s being introduced shows Blizzard’s Overwatch 2 battle pass as a ‘pay to win’ tool, as players who purchase the battle pass get him straight away. Alternatively you can check out our evolving Overwatch 2 tier list, which we’ll slot Ramattra into once the tank releases.