The best Overwatch 2 tank heroes

Now that tanks can only occupy one slot on each team, you need to make sure you're picking one of the best tank heroes in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 best tank heroes: Orisa firing her energy rifle off screen

Want to know who the best Overwatch 2 tank heroes are? There’s a lot to consider when it comes to picking the best tank hero – since the PvP format made the switch from 6v6 to 5v5, tanks now occupy just one spot on a team. Players no longer have an off tank to cover mistakes, and as the FPS game shifts to a brawly meta, picking the right tank hero is a major decision.

We’ve selected five of the best Overwatch 2 tank heroes for both newcomers and returning players. Though all nine tanks are reasonable picks, our selection makes it easy to pick up a strong hero that can hold their own no matter what situation they’re in.

Overall, players want a solid tank that can soak up the attention of the opposing team, giving them time to absorb damage while also dealing it out. Overwatch 2 is a fresh start for tanks and there’s a lot of pressure on the shoulders of the players that take this role. For now, let’s get into the best Overwatch 2 tank heroes.

The best Overwatch 2 tank heroes are:

  • Doomfist
  • Zarya
  • D.Va
  • Orisa
  • Sigma

Overwatch 2 best tank heroes: Doomfist standing angrily holding his metal arm up


Doomfist’s rework puts him in the tank category, as opposed to his previous DPS role, changing up his play with a few important tweaks. Crucially, his base health has been increased from 250 to 450, meaning he’s able to secure more solo kills. Doomfist can also block 90% of frontal damage using his new Power Block ability, transforming him into a flexible and lethal tank.

If you’re thinking about playing with Doomfist, you need to take your team comp into consideration beforehand. Doomfist excels in a dive tank role, so you may want to convince your team to pick some complimentary heroes before you head into battle.

Overwatch 2 best tank heroes: Zarya flexing her arm muscles


Zarya’s abilities have been altered in Overwatch 2 to make this tank hero stronger than ever. One of the most significant changes sees Zarya’s shields start their cooldown on use rather than when the bubble bursts., This has a huge impact in-game as she can protect herself and her teammates more often during pivotal moments.

In addition to this, Zarya has improved stats on health and shields, and her kit has been given more range. The other big change to Zarya’s shields is that her bubbles have been split into charges. Now, she has two charges that are able to be used as she pleases. So, whether you want two charges for Zarya, two for one teammate, or multiple teammates, she’s got the choice to deploy them at any given time.

Overwatch 2 best tank heroes: D.Va aiming her pistol outside of her mech


What’s more cataclysmic than a tank hero that can dive into enemy territory and cause devastation? D.Va can do just that, and with one of the highest skill ceilings in the game, investing time into playing D.Va should pay dividends in the future.

D.Va is a defensive hero and with tweaks to her abilities, she can block more damage using her Defence Matrix ability than ever before. There’s also her devastating ultimate, Self-Destruct, which sees D.Va eject from her exploding mech. When timed correctly, this ultimate has the potential to wipe out entire teams.

Overwatch 2 best tank heroes: Orisa reading her arm cannon


Orisa ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to providing the defensive play that teams are going to need now they can only rely on one tank. She’s got a kit full of goodies such as Fortify which temporarily reduces incoming damage, her powerful Javelin Spin that can destroy projectiles and push enemies, and the ability to throw an Energy Javelin which briefly stuns opponents.

Prior to Orisa’s rework in Overwatch 2, she used to be more about providing shields for the team, but now she’s got the potential to dish out a lot of damage. Mix Orisa’s well-stocked kit with her weapon which deals more damage the closer she is to her opponents, and you’ve got yourself a very strong tank hero.

Overwatch 2 best tank heroes: two projectiles hover in Sigma's right hand


Sigma’s strengths vary depending on the map choice, but even at his worst, this tank is capable of protecting his team with large, durable shields. Small maps with tight corridors play to Sigma’s abilities, forcing the opposing team to deal with his lethal attacks. He’s also capable of holding down sections on each map, but only if you play with patience. Sporting an improved health total and a new combo which deals over 200 damage, Sigma can effective as a damage dealer in the right hands.

And that’s a wrap for the best Overwatch 2 tank heroes. If you’re considering a change of tack, you might want to check out our guide to the best Overwatch 2 DPS heroes. The Overwatch 2 beta currently runs until May 17, but there’s plenty more to know about the game that we can help you out with from the Overwatch 2 release date to the Overwatch 2 system requirements you’re going to need to get playing.