The Junker Queen’s abilities break the tank mold in Overwatch 2

The Junker Queen's abilities combine support and offense to make what seems like a completely new kind of tank hero for the FPS game

Blizzard outlined the Junker Queen’s abilities in Overwatch 2 for the first time during the FPS game‘s June PvP event, and it sounds like the queen of the junkyard is shaping up to be more than your average tank. In some ways, she’s exactly what you expect from a tank. The Junker Queen wields a shotgun as her primary weapon, and Blizzard describes her as an “aggressive tank,” one who takes the lead instead of staying behind the frontlines like Reinhardt.

That aggressive nature shines through in her other weapons and abilities. Junker Queen’s quick melee, for example, is a swift knife attack instead of a punch, and it can cause wounds on enemies if it connects. She can also use the knife as her secondary fire, and when she recalls the knife – assuming it made contact – it pulls the target closer to her.

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Junker Queen’s ultimate move is Rampage, where she creates a magnetic field that swirls her weapons in a deadly whirlwind as she dashes forward. Rampage inflicts a wound on any foe it touches, and along with healing your party and dealing damage, it adds an anti-heal debuff that reduces any incoming healing the wounded enemies receive to zero.

Another of the Junker Queen’s abilities is Commanding Shout, which creates a speed buff for the entire party.

In short, Junker Queen is shaping up to be a hybrid of all three roles, a defender with substantial HP – 425, at least in the video showcase – who provides support and can also hold her own as a powerful attacker. The anti-heal debuff and party speed buff are the first we’ve seen since Ana and Lucio, respectively, and it seems like Blizzard may be starting to experiment outside the roles it established in the original game.

The team teased a new support character set for reveal sometime before Overwatch 2 enters early access on October 4, and if Junker Queen and Zenyatta’s new kick are anything to go by, we’d be surprised if the newcomer doesn’t shake up the support role as well.

If you want to get an early look at how the Junker Queen plays, sign up for the second Overwatch 2 beta, which goes live on June 28. She’s not the only playable hero though, so brush up on our Overwatch 2 tier list to find out which hero is worth trying out.

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