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Overwatch 2 will feature Sojourn, a Canadian with an arm cannon

She's been hinted at in Overwatch lore for the last few years

We got our first proper look at one of the next heroes who will be joining Overwatch at BlizzCon this weekend, as Jeff Kaplan and company revealed a new cinematic for Overwatch 2. Sojourn, who has been hinted at as a character in the world of Overwatch for the past couple of years, will be joining the cast in the not-too-distant future.

Sojourn is the first black woman, as well as the first Canadian, to join the cast of Overwatch heroes. She’s been introduced along with the reveal of a Toronto map, and the stylized logo she wears on her shoulder hints that she may be a Maple Leafs fan.

But there’s not much more information available about Sojourn yet. In the cinematic revealed Friday, she powerslides along the ground while firing an arm-mounted cannon, before leaping high into the air.

In the past, we’ve gotten indications that Sojourn works with some kind of international task force and has a leadership position within that organization, but the nature of these is as yet unclear. And it could be some time before we find out more: Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan said on stage that he “has no idea” when Overwatch 2 will be coming out, and that the team will be “going dark” about Overwatch 2 for the next while as they work on development of the game.

Here’s the Overwatch 2 gameplay trailer, if you missed it (Sojourn appears at 2:22):

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