Blizzard unveil three new skins coming with Overwatch Retribution

overwatch doomfist seismic slam

Blizzard have now shown off three of the new skins coming with this year’s Archive event, Retribution.

Find out what’s new in our rundown of the Overwatch 1.22 patch notes.

Via the official Overwatch Twitter account, we now have three honest-to-goodness looks at some of the event-themed skins. The Retribution comic had provided a tease for Moira’s new skin, but now we can see what it’ll look like in-game.

Moira’s “Blackwatch” skin trades her plate of facial armor for a special forces beret and some Blackwatch badges, and some of her purple plasma highlights have been covered up in favor of maroon wiring. Her armor also appears more formal and less bolted-together.

Hanzo’s new “Scion” skin isn’t a Blackwatch uniform, but rather a blue-accented vest and suit trousers combo. It’s probably more in line with how he dressed when he was planning on taking over the Shimada clan empire from his father, and before his attempt to assassinate his younger brother Genji. It’s a slick-looking skin, with rolled up shirtsleeves and pinstriped suit pieces, plus little details like a wristwatch and knotted quiver.

Doomfist’s new skin, revealed today, recalls the time he spent with the terrorist organization Talon. His cloth trousers and waistwrap are replaced with grey metal armor pieces, and his gold gauntlet now looks more like Winston’s style of gloss white armor. The skin also features a close-cropped hairstyle and orange facepaint.

All the new skins, including a new one for Reaperthat we haven’t seen yet, will be available as drops in loot boxes once the Retribution event starts Tuesday. For more on this year’s Archive event, check out our story and video here. Retribution will run April 10th-30th.