This Palworld mod makes finding those perfect Pals a lot easier

The Pal Analyzer Palworld mod lets you quickly determine the stats of potential captures in the open-world game, making it a great addition.

Palworld mod makes finding perfect Pals easy - A wixen, a red-and-white creature with a large hat-shaped head, looks at a red-headed person.

With Palworld still sitting pretty at the top of the Steam charts, the open-world survival game that’s often called ‘Pokemon with guns’ continues to reaffirm its success, having dethroned Valve and Counter-Strike 2 for a large portion of the past two weeks. While developer Pocketpair is hard at work developing new features and quality-of-life updates for the RPG, users have been coming up with their own Palworld mods to further enhance the experience, with one such tool a very welcome addition that fits right into the game’s style.

The ‘Pal Analyzer’ is an easy addition to the best Palworld mods we’ve seen thus far. It comes from user ‘Hahabynow’ and lets you see information and stats of any wild Pals you come across in the open-world game just by hovering your cursor over them and holding left alt (or right bumper on controller). You’ll be able to spot basic stats such as their attack and defense from the get-go, but as you capture more for your Palworld collection you’ll unlock the ability to see their active abilities and eventually their passives too.

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As such, it’s an incredibly handy tool for finding the best Palworld Pals at a glance without having to spend time and resources capturing them all to figure out which one you want to keep. Whatever role in your team you’re looking to fill out, you’ll be able to quickly see whether any wild Pals you come across wandering about the Palworld map are actually worth your effort, or if you can safely move on.

By default, you’ll need to capture a given Pal five times to unlock the ability to see its active skills, and ten times to see the passive abilities. The mod’s creator says this was designed “to make it feel a little more like a vanilla game system,” but if you’d rather have an easier (or harder) time of things you can adjust the requirements in the mod configuration file.

The Palworld Pal Analyzer mod is out now. You can use it in multiplayer, too – you’ll just need to press the insert key after joining a server to reload your mods. Head over to the mod page to get it for yourself – along with full installation instructions, you’ll also find configuration settings that let you adjust the placement of the menu along with its visual settings, unlock milestones, and controls for the feature.

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