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Where to get Palworld Coal

We've found the quickest way to get Palworld Coal so you can craft and upgrade your equipment, as well as fuel your base with energy.

A player standing next to some Palworld coal in a cave.

Where do you get Palworld Coal? Getting some of the more effective weapons and gear to fight against tougher enemies requires some hard-to-find resources, and some of the rarest of these include sulfur, iron, and coal. While they’re far more common in the later areas of the game, there are ways to grab these resources early on.

Of course, finding these Palworld resources is not the only hurdle you need to overcome in this survival game. After all, Palworld doesn’t do the best job of telling you how to do everything, or even which of the Palworld element types is effective against which. If you want to upgrade your Palworld base level, you’re going to need to know where to find Palworld Coal and other rarer minerals.

A player standing near some Palworld coal in the desert. She's holding a pickaxe.

Palworld Coal locations

You can find Coal in Palworld in the Hillside Cavern dungeon in the Windswept Hills at 147, -397 coordinates, the Astral Mountain in the north, or the Dessicated Desert region in the north-east. You can also get Coal by defeating Blazamut or Menasting.

The quickest way to find Palworld Coal is to head to the Windswept Hills region on the Palworld map. Here, you can find the Hillside Cavern Palworld dungeon at 147,-397, northeast of the Rayne Syndicate Tower entrance waypoint. This is a small dungeon with a number of Coal, Sulfur, and Ore deposits, which you can mine with a pickaxe. Do keep an eye on how much you’re carrying, though, as you can easily mine too much and become encumbered.

As you venture further away, you’ll also find many Coal deposits in the Dessicated Desert region, toward the northeast of the map, as well as the Astral Mountain region in the far north. Coal is far more common here, but there comes a considerably higher risk as the enemies here are of a far higher level, and you need access to cold/warm weather gear before you can safely navigate these regions. The Palworld Pals Blazamut and Menasting also drop coal upon their defeat.

And that’s how to get Palworld Coal. There are plenty of other resources to find across the map, including Palworld Paldium Fragments and Palworld keys. We also have tips for you on how to level up fast in Palworld and details on how all the Palworld jobs work.