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Everything revealed at RazerCon 2023

It's no great surprise that Razer saved a ton of exciting reveals for their annual showcase. We're here to breakdown all the announcements that matter.

What happened during RazerCon 2023

RazerCon 2023 was packed with exciting announcements, including everything from a game-changing keyboard to a new line of breathable gaming chairs. Despite revealing a new mouse and headset in the last two weeks, Razer saved plenty of exciting news for its annual keynote presentation.

Here is everything revealed at RazerCon 2023:

Razer Blade 16 Automobili Lamborghini edition

We already knew about the Razer x Lamborghini partnership, but this Razer Blade 16 reveal was a nice surprise. Limited to 150 units in the United States only, this overpowered gaming laptop is running an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 alongside an Intel i9 HX CPU.

Pre-orders open up exclusively to Razer Rewards members and in the Lamborghini app. The Razer Blade 16 Automobili Lamborghini edition will cost $4,999.99.

A head on image of the Razer Blade 16 Automibili Lamborghini edition

Huntsman V3 Pro & Gen-2 Analog Optical Switch

The successor to the Hunstman V2 keyboard was revealed alongside the Gen-2 Analog Optical Switch and it’s an upgrade that will have competitive gamers on high alert.

Not only will this add a new level of responsiveness to the Hunstman V3 Pro lineup, but fully adjustable actuation ranges between 0.1mm and 4.0mm means that customization has also been amped up. For more info on release date and price, read our coverage of the Huntsman V3 Pro reveal.

Razer Synapse and Chroma updates

On the software front, Razer announced Razer Synapse and Chroma updates. Synapse will be optimized to run up to 30% faster while Chroma will split and become its own independent app. In addition to working with Razer RGB accessories, Chroma will also control devices from over 50 third-party brands including Phillips Hue.

Fujin & Fujin Pro gaming chairs

Razer is no stranger to the gaming chair market, but its latest innovation is the Fujin and Fujin Pro. Both of these are designed using an office chair mindset to allow for breathable mesh and greater levels of adjustment compared to the best gaming chairs.

For more info including the release date and price, read our coverage of the Razer Fujin and Fujin Pro gaming chairs.

Dolce & Gabanna collaboration

In true gaming presentation style, we ended with ‘one more thing’ which was the in-depth reveal of a Dolce & Gabanna x Razer clothing line. In an attempt to bring a truly stylish gaming fashion line to market, these two iconic brands have worked tirelessly to bring products to the market that a gamer will actually wear.

We also got the reveal of an exclusive Razer Barracuda Dolce & Gabanna edition, with just 1337 units (get it?) available worldwide. If you want to show off how fashionable you are in a different way, the Razer Enki Dolce & Gabanna chair might be more your speed, also available in limited quantities.

An image of the Razer x Dolce and Gabanna Barracuda headset and Enki gaming chair

Sustainability victories and further promises

Razer kicked off its annual keynote with news that it had achieved multiple sustainability targets that it set in 2019, three years ahead of schedule. It set further commitments in relation to net zero targets, planned for 2030.

The biggest announcement here was the Type III Ecolabel, which will detail not only the carbon footprint of each Razer product, but also list the water, mineral, and fossil usage that goes into each product. It is an impressive level of transparency that looks to put the wider technology industry on notice.

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