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Resident Evil 7 is Capcom’s second best-selling game ever

It's the top-selling entry in the series, too

Capcom has released its lifetime sales figures, and to nobody’s surprise, Resident Evil features prominently in the top 10. What might be surprising, though, is that it’s Resident Evil 7 that’s the top-selling entry in the horror game series, coming in as the developer’s second best-selling game overall.

In the latest figures from the studio, four of the top five sellers in Capcom’s oeuvre are Resident Evil titles released this century. At fifth, we have the Resident Evil 2 remake, in fourth is Resident Evil 6, third is Resident Evil 5, and then Resident Evil 7 in second, having shifted 7.9 million copies in its three years. Monster Hunter: World holds the top spot, which is to be expected given that’s an RPG game with a lower age rating aimed a wider audience.

What’s interesting is that Resident Evil 7 has comfortably outsold not just immediate prequels, but the originals of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, in a fraction of the time. The Resident Evil 2 remake is only 700,000 copies behind Resi 7, so that might very well work its way up further sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, the Resident Evil 3 remake has a steeper hill to climb, stuck behind the original 1996 Resident Evil in 25th place, something Capcom says wasn’t unexpected. This chart counts ports and re-releases separately, so in overall lifetime sales, certain games would place differently – making Resi 7’s numbers all the more impressive, since it hasn’t been re-released at all yet.

All in, the Resident Evil series crossed 100 million copies sold in June. Monster Hunter: World, as one game, now accounts for a third of the sales across the entire series. Looking to the future, Capcom plans to release multiple major games by April 2021. Currently, the Resident Evil Village release date is set for 2021.

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