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Risk of Rain 2 leaves early access with a tenth character, the Captain

Risk of Rain 2's 1.0 update adds a new community-selected survivor and a brand new end boss

After just over a year in Early Access – and one delayRisk of Rain 2 has officially launched. The 1.0 update arrived today, bringing with it a new final boss and the community-selected final survivor, the Captain.

As we’ve discussed before, the Captain is the tenth playable character in Risk of Rain 2, and he wields a gun that can shift from rifle to shotgun depending on the situation. He’s also able to call down probes from the orbiting UES Safe Travels that can either provide a healing buff to everyone in range or additional armour. He has a nice captain’s coat and hat, calling to mind the ones worn by Captain Haddock in Tintin’s adventures.

The final stage takes players to the moon, where they’re face off against the Risk of Rain 2 final boss, who is accompanied by a new set of lunar monsters. Like everything else in Risk of Rain, they’re increasingly unfriendly the more time you decide to stick around. So you’ll want to polish the big guy off as quickly as possible, yeah?

This 1.0 video introduces us to the captain:

YouTube Thumbnail

There’s also an official launch trailer, too:

YouTube Thumbnail

Risk of Rain 2 sold more than a million copies during its first month of Early Access, and was nominated for a Steam Award that year as well. Developer Hopoo Games has been steadily adding content to the game over the course of Early Access, and soliciting community input on new features – the Captain is an example, and was selected after the community cast some 60,000 votes for the final character.

If you’d like to get a leg up on Risk of Rain 2’s huge list of gear, we have a guide to Risk of Rain 2 artifacts codes that will tell you how to collect all 16 of them.

You can pick up Risk of Rain 2 on Steam for a 20% discount for launch week, making it $15.99 USD / £11.99. On August 19, it’ll jump up to its release version price of $24.99. So now’s the time to jump in if you’re on the fence.